Her Stars: Are You Fated to Be With Geminis?

Welcome back to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week, we're talking about why you only date Geminis, whether an Aquarius and a Virgo can make it, and why Pisces and Libras make good friends.

  1. 1. I'm a Pisces and I'm wondering why my closest friend is a Libra. Does it mean anything? - Anon

    Great question! Pisces and Libras are super similar to each other. They both happen to be idealists and romantics. You both have good hearts and feel strongly about dedicating yourselves to each other. Pisces and Libras tend to commit themselves to people and give all they possibly can to the other. In relationships with others, this may mean both signs can be taken advantage of. However, in a friendship with each other, the love and positivity circulate between both signs providing a good and equal relationship. Basically, it's a Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott situation.

  2. 2. My past couple of exes have been Geminis. Why has the universe sent me heartache? - Anon

    Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by a Gemini. Just a joke. Each dating situation is different, so it would be difficult to dive into why each one hurt you without more information. However, I can tell you why you keep attracting Geminis. Geminis are very witty and fun to be around. They can be the life of the party. They love new experiences and are curious to see what everything has to offer.

    However, they lose interest quickly and often don't follow through with a lot of things. This also means that they often don't want to confine themselves to relationships or can turn to cheating. This is not true for all Geminis, it's just something that I've noticed. They don't mean to hurt people, but it can be a consequence when they chase their curiosity.

    If you are attracting a lot of Geminis, you are a source of interest. In a room of people, you stand out to them. There is a chance that they see that same form of non-committal tendencies and spontaneity they have in you and want to be with someone who understands. Geminis date those that mirror them. All I have to say is good luck, sister. 

  3. 3. How compatible are Aquarius and Virgo in a relationship? - Anon

    Aquarians and Virgos are very compatible if they can both ground themselves reality and being honest with each other. Aquarians tend to be spacey and individualized. They love unique things and finding their personal brand. This can cause them to not be present on Earth and unsure how to communicate emotions. They often can be very intriguing to a Virgo.

    On the other side, Virgo is the mother of the zodiac. They enjoy fixing things and creating the "perfect" partner. In a sense, Aquarians provide a challenge to Virgos whereas Virgos provide a source of distraction and entertainment. Together, they have a strong passion and excellent conversations. If both signs can overcome their dislike of feeling vulnerable in their emotions, they can be a power couple. If they work on communication and understanding themselves more than attempting to understand each other, it should be as deep and loving as a black hole.

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