Her Music Saturday: Becky G, Katy Perry & Gavin Haley

This week's top 10 songs are all very slow and chill. But despite the slow tempo, these are all amazing songs to start your week! 


  1. 1. "Harleys in Hawaii" - Katy Perry

    She's done it once again. Katy Perry’s new song has dominated this week's new releases. It has a very chill vibe, and it's definitely worth a listen. Perry's vocals match the vibe perfectly—no one could’ve done it better than her. 


  2. 2. "Make It Right" - BTS (ft. Lauv)

    Incorporating Lauv into this song was probably the best idea. His soft voice is just what it needs. The beat is serene but also has a bit of electronic in it, which makes for a good transition to BTS. Definitely worth a listen!


  3. 3. "24/7" - Becky G

    Here's your weekly dose of a new Hispanic song. Becky G has become one of the biggest names in Latin music. Her more mature sound is great for parties. This song brings out everyone’s inner girl boss.

  4. 4. "Figure It Out" - Anthony Ramos

    This song has a very serene start. Basically, it makes me want to cry... but in a good way. It’s a very cute song that talks about relationships. The beat is amazing and the tune is everything!


  5. 5. "Be Fine" - Madeon

    A very poppy song with a tad of electronic in it. The beat is very upbeat, but still chill. This is a great song to lounge around to.

  6. 6. "No Other Like You" - Kate Bollinger

    This song gives me major coffee house vibes. Put this song on to do homework and you're set! The chill vibe goes perfectly with Bollinger's voice.

  7. 7. "Low Beams" - Gavin Haley

    This singer's voice is so amazing, you'll instantly fall in love. This song is one of my favorites of the week by far. The tune is very soothing which compliments Haley's tone of voice. 

  8. 8. "Mad At You" - Navvy

    This is a very poppy tune, but still, kinda chill. Navvy's voice is very raspy which gives the song a soft vibe. In the song, the girl is complaining about this boy who always goes back to her when his relationship goes awry. Even though he treats her so poorly, she can never be mad at him because she likes him so much. This is a definite girl anthem that we can totally relate to. 

  9. 9. "Beautifully Broken" - Wes Period

    You can hear the emotion in Wes Period's voice when he sings. The tone embodies what this song is about. No one is perfect, but that’s what makes them beautiful.

  10. 10. "Fine" - Emmi Elliott

    Elliott's voice is amazing—and so smooth. This is another one that goes out to girls! Heartbreak isn’t permanent and you can get through it. In my opinion, this tune represents a new era of heartbreak songs.

I hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I did! Check back next weekend for more!

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