A Green Girl's Guide to Dorm Eating

After you’ve cried over the cold pizza you just ate at 9 a.m. and finish analyzing how life got to this point, stop and breathe. Unfortunately fall semester at your university away from your hometown, usually spell disaster: no kitchen, no mom, and no cooking skills. Oh, but there is the ever so seductive dining hall *cough, cough '63 South* that is simply bursting with delicious and healthy green choices– if only that were true. For a lot of students, finding a way to keep eating green is seriously difficult without a kitchen (AKA your mom) at your disposal. Fortunately, there are easy recipes that can be done in apartment-style dorms on a college budget, and with just a few kitchen utensils.

Sweet Chard That’s Good

Swiss chard isn’t something that’s usually seen on a lot of budget menus, but making a salad out of it is a steal. Swiss chard is full of alpha-glucosidase, just call it “healthy stuff," that helps your body to better break down sugar enzymes and can improve the health of those with certain types of diabetes.  

1 bundle of Swiss chard

½ cup of your favorite Vinaigrette

2 tbsp. Honey

¼ chopped sweet onion

¼ Lime

½ cup Almonds (or your nut of choice)

- Combine all ingredients, adding in a bit of Vinaigrette between each ingredient.

Pineapple Sunrise

Pineapples are simply perfect. There is no debate. They are sweet, with a powerful flavor behind them that will transport you to any tropical island.

1-2 cups diced Pineapples

1 cup sliced Strawberries

1 cup yogurt

1 cup Granola

3 tbsp. Honey

-  First, lead with the half of the yogurt, and line the bowl. Sprinkle in the Granola next, and after that pop the Pineapples in. Add the rest of the yogurt, and line the bowl with Strawberries for a taste of summer. Drizzle some Honey on top for a sweet boost that’s also good for you.

Grilled Lamburger

Lamb has such an intense flavor that it doesn’t need a lot to help it out.  This burger will top your favorite, and here’s a plus: you can make it at home.

4 oz. ground lamb

½ cup scallion

½ cup onion

¼ green/yellow/red sweet pepper (pick your favorite)

2 tbsp. your favorite barbeque sauce

1 cup of lettuce

- Blend the seasonings and sauce into the ground lamb with your hands (gloves recommended) and form a ball shape. Make sure the mold is not too thin because the grill will only press it out further. Place on your grill for 9-12 minutes, checking temperatures and be sure to check the internal temperature of your mean to make sure it’s safe to eat! Slide it between a golden burger bun, lettuce, or some pita bread and it’s time to chow down.

* This recipe requires a George Foreman Grill (which is super helpful).

* This recipe requires an apartment-style dorm and is not feasible in residence hall styled dorms.

* This was not written by a doctor or a medical professional.


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