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Going to College with High School Classmates: Do’s and Don’ts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

DON’T avoid others in favor of HS friends

What’s the point of being in college if you only hang out with your high school friends? College is a time for you to expand your horizons and not just in regards to your education and extracurricular activities. Everywhere you go—classes, dorms, the gym, etc.—you’ll be meeting new people, some of whom will become your lifelong friends. But you’ll never know unless you give them a chance.


DO mix HS friends with college friends

This will inevitably happen so why not help it along a little? Mixing your friend groups will make for a whole new set of enriching experiences that you wouldn’t get if they’d stayed separate. I’m speaking from experience. I introduced my high school friend to a group of girls I’d already met in my dorm, now we all hang out when we get the chance. And this doesn’t benefit only you, but also all of your friends, because who wouldn’t want more friends?


DON’T treat your HS friends badly

Yes, your high school friends knew you during your awkward stage. They remember the braces, the bad fashion choices, and even that one time you fell down a flight of stairs. Will they bring this up again during moments of high school reminiscing? Maybe. Should you shut them out or be unnecessarily mean because of this? Definitely not. If awkward high school memories really bother you just talk to them about it, a real friend will take your feelings into consideration.


DO meet up with HS friends on campus

It’s quite obvious to everyone that UCF’s campus is massive. A result of this massiveness is never actually coming across people you know, or just missing them as you both go about your day. For some this may seem great, but for most, seeing your friends from home is a welcomed link that might even cure any bouts of homesickness you may have. Get together for a Starbucks break and catch up. Or hang out in each other’s dorms and have a pseudo slumber party with movies and popcorn. The options are endless.


DON’T pick classes based on your HS friends’ schedules

Even if you and your high school friends have a lot in common and many shared interests, it doesn’t mean that you should share a class schedule too. Being independent from your friends—college and high school alike—is the only way for you to get to know yourself. Pick the classes that you know you’ll benefit and grow from and encourage your friends to do the same. This is especially important if you and your friend have different work ethics. Far too many friendships have been strained by annoying group projects, don’t let yours fall victim to them.


DO join an extracurricular together

UCF is chock full of clubs, events and organizations ranging from sororities and fraternities, to Harry Potter club and Glee Club. There is a little something for everyone, including you and your high school friends. If you all love a good game night, get together and go to a Sober Knights event! Are you both interested in Greek life? Join a sorority of fraternity together. This gives you both a chance to spend an already allotted amount of time together and bond over a shared new experience.


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