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Finding Peace Within Social Distancing

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has the world gripped in fear, with countries quickly instilling national lockdowns and cracking down with tough measures to keep society isolated. It may feel like the peace from the beginning of this year is shattered. But in reality, these are the times when peace can most easily be found.

The world has been forced to slow down for fear of spreading the virus, but this is simply an avenue to reflect on your life and find a new, more calming route. There are several ways to take a step back and find peace in these uncertain times we are currently living in.

Connect with nature

Although we should all be staying home and away from crowded areas to stop the spread, we can still enjoy the outdoors. In fact, being cooped in the house can produce negative effects like cabin fever (claustrophobia or irritability from long periods of isolation) or intense boredom.

Stepping outside and taking a walk or bike ride can be a fantastic alternative to staying indoors. A lap around your neighborhood, whether on wheels or your own two feet, can drastically reduce stress and clear your head. Other alternatives include going for a swim or practicing yoga outdoors — both can make you feel a lot better.

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These methods of getting outside not only help you connect with nature, but also help to find your inner peace. When the world feels like it’s spinning around you, taking the time to ground yourself in nature could be one of the best things you can do.

Call your friends

Or Zoom them. Staying connected with your friends doesn’t have to end with social distancing and isolation. Give one of your friends a call or host a video call with a group to reconnect and catch up from pre-spring break.

Although you can’t hang out in person, consider doing some of the same activities you enjoyed pre-quarantine. Rather than going to the movies, watch a movie at the same time over a video call. You can also cook your favorite foods while talking on the phone or simply swap funny memories.

There are plenty of benefits to calling your friends. Not only will it make their day a little brighter, but you can find peace in a strengthened and deeper relationship by staying connected while you’re each home.

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Reorganize your life

You may have already reorganized your room eight times over, but how about your view on life? Sounds philosophical but taking some time each day to reevaluate your priorities can give you a better outlook that will set you up for success come post-isolation.

Now that your fast-paced life has slowed down, reflect on what you are doing with your time. Do you get the most peace and happiness out of it? If not, switch things up or start something new. We all have the time; now we just need the motivation.

This period of social distancing can seem daunting and unfavorable. However, finding peace in your everyday life can make or break the situation. Take a deep breath and enjoy these moments as they come. That’s all we can do.