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As my four collegiate years (rapidly) come to an end, I find myself reminiscing upon my college journey. The person I was when I arrived in Orlando in August 2017 was like the little pill you put in water before it grows into a sponge dinosaur. Now, in April 2021, I can proudly say that the sponge dinosaur that has grown the past four years is confident, open-minded and wiser. The catalyst for my growth and success in college was joining my professional business fraternity.

My Delta Sigma Pi nickname is "Blossom." Just as a flower blooms from a small seed to a beautiful flower, I have grown immensely throughout my three years as a brother. Attending my first recruitment event as a freshman, I was overwhelmed, nervous and completely out of my comfort zone. If this helps to paint a picture — I was wearing a professional dress I bought that day and a sweater because I didn’t own a blazer. Now, as a graduating senior, I can proudly say I own over four full suits! To summarize the entirety of the impact that Delta Sigma Pi has had on me would be nearly impossible, but I would like to highlight some memories that stand out to me whenever I recall my time in this fraternity.

To me, DSP is more than a group of friends who all have similar mindsets. DSP is a community of people around the world who are connected by a singular bond. For spring break last year, a handful of brothers and I went to London. It was deep into the night at a random London bar when two young girls came up to us. After exchanging the typical compliments girls do at a bar, we randomly discovered that we had more in common than we thought — we were all brothers of Delta Sigma Pi! We exchanged social media and still keep in touch. Randomly running into brothers in a foreign country is the epitome of being connected around the world and makes me feel supported not only by my own chapter but in any situation I find myself in in the future.

Professionally, I can confidently say that I would not have received my full-time offer with SAS if it wasn’t for DSP. Alumni from our chapter are the reason we have such a great relationship with the company. Aside from the direct connection DSP has to SAS, the professional skills I learned through pledging and as a brother catapulted my resume and soft skills to the forefront of applicants. Before DSP, I would shake at the mere thought of speaking to a recruiter or professional. However, with the selfless help of other brothers through their executive positions or just their own time, I blossomed into a confident, successful young professional.

The impact I have had on the fraternity is representative of the impact it has had on me. Through three different executive positions, I spent my time in Theta Sigma as an asset and friend to all brothers. Giving back to our chapter is the least I can do in return for all of the opportunities and friendships it has provided me. As I prepare to graduate college, my time as a collegiate brother must come to an end. And while I leave behind Monday night chapters, special meetings and banquets, I will always carry with me the friendships and memories I have made as I blossomed throughout my time as a collegiate brother.

Anna is currently a senior at UCF studying marketing and psychology. When she isn't writing, she loves all things Fall, astronomy, and Taco Bell. Her dream is to move to Iceland with her pet chameleon.
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