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From Dorm to Apartment: What the Transition Was Really Like

Upon entering my sophomore year, I started making some changes. I got highlights for the first time, starting wearing contacts, and… got an apartment.

I began my college experience in a dorm, just as many of my friends had. The small space, shared bedroom and bathroom, and anything-but-soundproof walls made the experience less than exciting.

Although I met many great people and new friends, I made the decision to purchase an apartment for my second year. I am incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity and have learned so much in the process.

Many people ask me what it’s really like to live in an apartment. Here, I will answer the most common questions I have received.

What are the pros and cons of living off-campus?

Living off-campus most definitely has its perks. I get my own bedroom and bathroom in the apartment, which is really nice. Also, I have a bigger space, which means that my friends and I don’t feel cramped when hanging out.

I also really like the independence of living off-campus. I feel more like an adult, where I cook for myself and have to better rely on time management skills to get myself to campus on time.


In fact, that leads me to a con of living off-campus. I rely on the shuttles to get me to and from campus, which means I have to leave my apartment at least half an hour early since the shuttle takes a long time to arrive on campus.

Another con of living off-campus is that I feel slightly isolated from campus activities. However, I choose to stay on campus for most of the day in order to feel more involved and attend events.

Favorite part of living in an apartment?

My favorite part of living in an apartment is living with my closest friends. I am able to hang out with them daily and get significantly closer to them, which I am beyond grateful for. Also, as I mentioned earlier, living off-campus means greater independence.

How do you divide up tasks between your roommates?

One of my concerns before getting an apartment was how my roommates and I would divide all our kitchen supplies and other furniture. However, it was a really smooth process. We each took a cabinet or two in the kitchen and put our things in there. We also divided up space in the fridge for our food.

Another concern I had was how the chores would be divided up. That was easy to figure out, too. Whenever we cooked, we would clean our dishes right after. Whenever we did our laundry, we would let the others know so we didn’t move someone else’s laundry without permission.


Overall, apartment living is an exciting, new experience that I would recommend to everyone. Although weighing your options is important, apartments give you more freedom and are a great way to connect with your roommates.

If you ever have apartment questions or want to know more of what it’s like, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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