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DisCOVER 11 Covers that will Change Your Life

What do Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé have in common? 

They all have songs that have been covered by other artists!

 Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I think it’s even more of an honor when someone takes something you have created, and likes it enough to put their own spin on it. These covers truly honor the original song, while making them new and exciting.


11. Mirrors//Boyce Avenue ft. Fifth Harmony

            This song is amazing, and this version is spectacular. The ladies of Fifth Harmony add another dimension to the song. Their voices soar, and so will your spirits when you listen to this song.


10. Take on Me//Aqualung

            Sometimes slowing down a song gets old, but not this one. It is beautiful and gives the song a new perspective. (Side note: for any Grey’s Anatomy fans, this song was featured in Season 10 Episode 24)


9. Blank Space//I Prevail

            Taylor Swift turned screamo. No further explanation required.


8. Higher Love//James Vincent

            This classic got a lovely remix, and I can’t stop listening to it!


7. Smooth Criminal//Alien Ant Farm

            The intensity of this song is really accentuated in this version. Head banging and Michael Jackson—what more could you want?

6. Roxanne//Lacey Sturm

            First of all, Lacey’s voice is otherworldly. She takes this classic to an even more emotional level. This song is meant to be a plea, it is meant to be desperate, and it is very well done.


5. How Will I Know//Sam Smith

            Yet another classic that takes on a new meaning and a completely different sentiment. Sam has a voice that brings me to tears, and his rendition of this Whitney Houston song is extremely moving.


4. Crazy in Love//Oh Wonder

            Yo. Oh Wonder is wonderful. They took a Beyoncé song and changed it. Dare I say they made it better? Give it a listen. You won’t be sorry.


3. 99 Red Balloons//Goldfinger

            Now this one is just amazing. A lot of covers take a song and slow it down. This song is definitely not one of those. It’s fast, it’s crazy, and it’s a total jam.


2. 679 & No Diggity//Jackson Breit

            Now this… this one is just very good. Not only is it a cover, it blends two songs! It keeps the swag and the cool factor of the originals, while adding some really, really impressive vocals.


  1. Rivers and Roads//Drop Out Vegas ft. Anchor North, Callan Buchanan

            This one has been on repeat for me. I love it. I can’t stop listening. The tempo isn’t changed much from the original, but there is a different feel to it. The arrangement and the production feels so big and emotional, and it’s just incredible.


A good cover is one that pays homage to the original and respects where it came from, while also bringing a new aspect and a personal flair to the beloved songs. For more, check out the Spotify playlist I made while creating this article, which includes all of the songs on this list, and I will add any new ones that I find!

Happy disCOVERing!


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