Crystals 101: What They Mean and How to Use Them

While the idea of crystals at first glance may conjure up visions of flower-powered hippies and tales of witchy magic, crystals have actually been used in various ancient civilizations and modern cultures still to this day. 

When following the idea that the entire solar system is composed of different energies, our thoughts and emotions are also connected and correspond to energies within our physical body. Energy patterns rely on balance, which are simultaneously reflected in our state of health; when our energy is out of balance it can cause headaches, illness and various diseases. However, when our energies and chakras are balanced, this is reflected in less stress and better physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Crystals are known to be the most stable form of matter in the universe due to how they are formed within the planet. Therefore, they also have the most energy and are incredibly useful in restoring energetic imbalances. Each has its own vibrations, giving them the ability to focus and magnify the body’s innate energy through the stimulation and restoration of energy flow. By activating different chakras, crystals have the abilities of minimizing and relieving stress, stimulating brain activity, amplifying healing processes and aiding in the Law of Attraction process. 

Crystals have a variety of different uses, but today, I'm just going to share with you a few of my favorites: 

1. To Use During Meditation 

As I mentioned previously, crystals are a key element in rebalancing chakra energies and can drastically improve your results when used in meditations. Whether you're meditating to realign and cleanse your chakras or simply to clear your mind and alleviate a little stress, crystals can be used to extract or redirect energy or develop strengths associated with that particular crystal. 

2. Aiding in the Law of Attraction

As the Law of Attraction is becoming increasingly prevalent in pop culture, many are questioning how to increase the chances of your manifestations coming into reality. Because the Universe responds in correlation to the vibrations that you project, utilizing different sets of crystals are essential in amplifying and elevating certain energetic frequencies that you wish to release throughout the day.

3. To Use in Self-Care Routines

First in beauty routines, crystals are now being infused into natural skincare products (shoutout to my all-time favorite skincare line by Herbivore Botanicals!) as well as everyday beauty tools. For example, it has become increasingly popular to use facial rollers made of primarily rose quartz, jade, or amethyst in order to not only promote healthy glowing skin, but to cultivate inner beauty and expel negative or critical energies from your thoughts. Crystals can also be used in your morning routines to boost energy levels, focus your mind, connect with your heart or attract abundance.

Although there are far too many different types of crystals to discuss, below I’ve cultivated a list of some of my favorites and what different chakras or energies they help to amplify: 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is most commonly known as a primary love stone, as it directly activates the heart chakra. However, aside from romantic love, rose quartz also promotes self-love, compassion and the healing of emotional traumas. 


Corresponding with the crown and third eye chakras, amethyst helps to cultivate our intuition and inner peace and projection, possessing calming and peaceful energies. I personally keep one of these somewhere near my bed to promote a good night's sleep, as these were also once thought to induce powerful dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli

This is probably one of my favorite crystals I own, and one I use almost every day. Lapis Lazuli helps to bring spiritual insight and clear intuitive thoughts and is known as the stone for clairvoyance. As it is so connected to the throat and third eye chakras, it can be used in meditation in order to help you gain insight into yourself, your dreams or an unclear situation 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is essential for anyone wishing to use crystals as it is known to be a tremendous amplifier of other stones' energies and healing properties. Although it aids in the healing of all chakras, it is primarily essential in matters of the crown chakra because its energies are that of focus and clarity. 

Quick Tip: Before using your crystals, be sure to cleanse them of any negative energies they may have been previously exposed to. This can be done by soaking them in moonlight water, burning sage or palo santo around their auras, or exposing them to Himalayan salt rocks. 

While crystals have been proven to have amazing healing and rebalancing properties, it is key to remember that they will only be able to emit the power you give them. If you constantly project negative or doubtful energies towards the stones, it will cancel out their abilities rendering them essentially useless. As so simply put by Roald Dahl, “those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.”  


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions of brands are my own.