A Conversation With My Insecurities

Hey there.

So, you're sitting on the floor sobbing. It's been a while since you let yourself feel vulnerable. Let's talk about it.

What's making you feel this way? It's your body again, isn't it?

You know not everyone looks the same and really there isn't one way you should look. Your body shifts over time — it goes through a variety of changes as you grow and that's okay. Just take care of yourself.

"I'm not good enough." 

Oh, the coveted phrase is back.

Why aren't you good enough? What are you not good enough for? People?

You can try and please everyone, but sometimes you have to let it go. You can't fit everyone's mold and that's perfectly fine. You aren't meant to be a person that can take on so much at once. Not everything works out the way you planned, but that doesn't make you not good enough. In fact, it makes you more than "good enough" because you are growing as you evolve through different situations.

Those tears mean you care but don't beat yourself up, you don't need to do that. 

I stare, pinpointing each part of myself I find "ugly" or where I feel my personality is flawed. I allow myself to dive underneath the depths of my anxiety because I've lost control for a few moments. But that's okay, there are better days to come.

It's called progress. A journey, if you will. After conversing with my insecurities I realize I haven't been taking care of my mental health, something we forget to do all too often.

So while I sit here sobbing I remember one important thing: practice mindfulness to take steps towards loving myself. 

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