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Campus Cutie: Tiffany Jones

Have you ever met someone so awesome that you just wish you could be them for at least a minute? No? Well, I do! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous, Tiffany Jones. We met while pledging our fraternity and I'm so lucky we did! Tiff is someone that I look up to, she inspires me to reach for the stars while always looking fabulous and being kind. She is the type of person that lights up a room with a smile and her many talents. Tiff is definitely a star and here, at Her Campus UCF, we are really lucky to feature her as our cutie. 

Her Campus UCF (HCUCF): What's your major and graduation date? 

Tiffany Jones (Tiff): I'm majoring in Business Administration and graduating May 2016!

HC: So soon! Are you inolved on campus? If so, where? 

Tiff: Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, FN Pregame Radio, LEAD Scholars, The Levitations Dance Crew, Server at Firebirds, Marketing Coordinator for CPR Aces, LLMG (Livin Legendz Music Group), and HERO Volunteer Program. 

HC: WOW! With such a busy schedule, do you have free time? If so, what do you like to do?

Tiff: You're right, no free time! But I love to write, and video edit. Sing and dance, spend time with God, friends and family. 

HC: Those are great activities! What do you aspire to become? What's your dream job?

Tiff: I''m undecided as of now. I'm just going to school, going to get my masters and I want to travel the world! On the other hand, I want to be a traveling entrepreneur who's focused on women empowerment, following God, and living without fear. 

HC: That's beautiful Tiff! I'm sure that you will make a big change in the world! Let's get real though. Tell us, what were you for Halloween? 

Tiff: Well, for Halloween I was a black cat! 

Meow! ;)

HC: After what it seems like a busy semester, what do you plan on doing for the holidays?

Tiff: I plan to spend Thanksgiving in Tampa with family. We will have a big pot luck, then family house party at night. I'm traveling to Memphis for Christmas, and New York for New Year's Eve! 

HC: WOW! Can I go with you? Please? Now, the question that we've all been dying for you to answer: what's your relationship status? 

Tiff: Taken <3 

Sorry, guys!

Thank you so much, Tiff! We are looking forward to seeing you shine bright! 

Photo credit:

Joyanne Pantron from JOA PHOTOGRAPHY.

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