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Budget-Friendly Bites Around UCF

College. One word filled with a myriad of meanings and memories. One of these memories can easily be “pinching pennies” — looking for the next big deal in order to eat good and have fun, but still manage to not blow your budget. Whether it is your first year or fourth year, the beginning of the semester stresses everyone out. Buying books, iClickers, new clothes, and food—whatever it might be, money flies. Don’t fret, eating good doesn’t have to make your wallet cry! There are enough places to eat around UCF that are perfect for studying or being with friends on a late night.

Quick Bites

Something quick but filling enough to get you going through the day.

1. Lazy Moon

Lazy Moon is THE place to be. The atmosphere is ideal for making you feel like you’re in the classic college restaurant that you see in the movies. Besides that, Lazy Moon is KNOWN for its pizza. What’s better than a classic slice under $5? The size is perfect to fill you up and it’s definitely a bang for your buck. The tables are the perfect size for a solo eat or a large group of friends feasting.

2. Bento Asian Kitchen and Sushi

Straying away from the classic college meals like mac n’ cheese and PB&J sandwiches, Bento is an Asian kitchen that serves bento boxes, sushi, and teas. For under $10 you can get a bento box that includes not one, not two, but five food items alongside an entrée. High end food for a low end price? Count me in.

3. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Only a short 5-minute drive from UCF, you can have a bite of a life time. Being able to get shrimp tempura tacos, fajitas, and even a veggie taco for less than $8 total? Lets taco bout it – amazing!

4. Keke’s Breakfast Café

If you ain’t talkin’ brunch, I don’t wanna talk. Really though, Keke’s is the place to get gourmet waffles for under $8. But what really puts the syrup on the pancake at this café is the combo meal that comes with eggs, bacon, potatoes, or tomato slices AND a pancake or waffle for less than $10. This amount of food for a price like this will keep you full until dinner time.

5. Insomnia Cookies

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect place to get something sweet delivered to you or a quick takeout on your way home from studying. Insomnia has freshly baked cookies and ice cream for under $5. Sometimes all you really want is one cookie — or, you don’t have an oven to bake any cookies, so this place is perfect for a quick solution to your cravings.

Sometimes a quick bite might not give you the atmosphere or food that you’re dearly searching for. However, deals and college students go hand in hand. Sit tight and grab a post-it because you’re going to have to jot this down.

Pocket Points

This app is perfect for a student who can’t focus in class — or for any student, really. This app allows you to lock your phone and collect points as it’s locked. Once the phone is unlocked, the points stop. However, with your points, you are able to get a discount on clothes or sports game tickets, and free or discounted meals.

Weekday specials

  • Sweet! By Holly: For those with a sweet tooth, on Mondays, this bakery sells mini cupcakes for only $1 each! It’s the perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

  • Bar Louie: This restaurant is right across from UCF and has a great sophisticated atmosphere. On Tuesdays, their specialty burgers are only $5 and you can pair with a side of tater tots or fries…it doesn’t get better than that.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: Wingout Wednesday have their chicken wings for .75 cents each! What better way to eat food surrounded by a fun atmosphere?
  • Spoleto: One of the best pasta places around UCF, you are able to ‘DIY’ your own serving of pasta. They have an everyday special of pasta and a drink for $7 with the presentation of a student ID.

All in all, whether you eat out often or not, it should not be something you have to stress about. The amount of good cheap food around UCF allows you to save money while treating yourself after an exam or just getting a quick break from reality.

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Alexa, otherwise known as "Alexa Wexa" is a senior Psychology major pursuing a minor in Public Relations and Communications. As the Co-Event Director of HCUCF she loves creating and planning events for the wonderful writers on the team. In pursuit of making time last, you can find her at Disney or driving around Orlando for the best food, coffee, and photo ops.
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