Aly & AJ: The Comeback Everyone Should Be Talking About

Most of you may remember Aly & AJ as the soundtrack to your middle school days. We’ve all made a "Potential Breakup Song" music video in our BFF’s bedroom that included hairbrush microphones and advanced bed jumping choreography—and if you didn’t, you really missed out. Just as we’ve all matured from bedroom dance parties to dorm room dance parties, so have Aly & AJ.

With the whirlwind of nostalgia that’s been flooding mainstream media from the return of the Jonas Brothers to the recently announced Lizzie McGuire revival, Aly & AJ’s new music is the perfect combination of childhood nostalgia and real-time relatability.

After a decade long hiatus, the sister duo debuted their new sound in their 2017 EP, Ten Years. A sound that was once Disney pop of the early 2000s now eases into a dreamy combination of 80’s synth and contemporary beats.

Aly & AJ’s new EP Sanctuary is an introspective work of art that gives solace to those of us who need redemption. Each song on the EP is an empowering ballad that touches on the struggles we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives. Aly & AJ combat the internal battles of past mistakes and the feeling of not being good enough with a positive outlook and a catchy beat. They cover topics of adulthood, change, growth and community—all things that touch close to home in the ever-changing world of college.

Even after a decade, Aly & AJ still seem to have a grasp on the inner workings of our generation's mind, creating a place for growth and change. After all this time, I am still grateful for the Sanctuary they’ve created for us through their music. 

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