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Affirmations You Need Based on Your Favorite Song From the ‘GUTS’ Album

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Olivia Rodrigo did it again, serving all the feels in her newest album, Guts, and let me tell you: it broke me into shambles. This coming-of-age album was a mix of her usual heart-shattering ballads with a new type of pop-punk vibe that we’ve never heard before.

In the 12 tracks of my new favorite album, Olivia touched on at least one topic that we can all relate to from heartbreak to running back to an ex that we shouldn’t, to insecurities, and overall growing pains.

If you’re as much of an Olivia stan as I am, you might need some serious help after listening to GUTS. Here are some positive affirmations that you should practice saying according to what song from the GUTS album resonates with you the most:

“All-American B****”

If “All American B****” is your favorite song from Guts, chances are you have come down with a classic case of teenage angst. We all know Olivia throws some of her own affirmations into the song in the lines “I’m grateful all the time, I’m sexy and I’m kind. I’m pretty when I cry,” but here are some more to add to your daily affirmations in the mirror.

  • I am beautiful and have a magnetic energy
  • Life is only getting better and better for me.
  • My life is full of youthful energy and excitement.
  • I am full of love and light.
“Bad Idea, Right?”

“Bad idea right?” is for all my self-sabotaging girlies who can’t seem to cut him off (guilty as charged). If you always end up calling the one person you shouldn’t or can’t seem to solely see as a friend, here are some affirmations for you.

  • They always come running back to me.
  • I am magnetic and irresistible to others.
  • I attract every person that I desire.
  • I am the creator of my own reality.
  • Every decision I make adds excitement to my life and is good for the plot.

If the hit single “Vampire” resonates with you, first of all, I’m sorry. You might be hurting over a toxic relationship or person that came with a lot of red flags. If you scream this song in your car like I do trying to get over that someone, these are for you.

  • My worth and value are determined by myself and not the actions of others.
  • What belongs in my life will always stay in my life.
  • I am healing every day.

If “Lacy” resonates with you, you may be mourning a person you love while watching them love someone that you can’t help but compare yourself to. If that’s not the case, you might be fighting jealous thoughts over a friend or family member that you tragically admire. Regardless, here are some words for you to repeat.

  • I am irreplaceable and my uniqueness is beautiful.
  • My admiration for others is similarly reciprocated.
  • I am a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart.
  • Everyone and everything that is meant for me will come to me in divine timing.
“Ballad of a homeschooled girl”

The second teenage angst song on the album, “Ballad of A Homeschooled Girl” might be your favorite song if you’re struggling with self-concept or insecurities within yourself or your social standing. If you’re going through the growing pains Olivia sings about, here are some affirmations for you.

  • I radiate positive energy and intentions to others.
  • Life is good and only getting better.
  • My originality is beautiful and appreciated by others.
  • I am free from other’s expectations and even exceed them.
“Making the bed”

“Making the Bed,” my personal favorite song from the album, is for the besties who might be focusing on the negative parts of life currently and fighting the feelings of regret. You might be looking for some guidance on where to go next or how to improve your quality of life. These ones are for you.

  • Life is only getting better every day.
  • I am abundant in love, peace, and opportunities to obtain the life I desire.
  • The universe is making room for better things to flow in my direction.
  • I hold all the power of my life in my hands.
  • I am the creator of my own reality.

“Logical” is a classic Olivia Rodrigo song that speaks about heartbreak and the confusion that comes with the end of relationships and the ups and downs of love. If you’re crying along with me to this song, here are some positive affirmations that might help you out of your funk.

  • I deserve a loving type of love.
  • I do not accept poor treatment from others.
  • I am healing every day.
  • The love I give to others is a blessing to them.
  • I do not chase love but attract it.
“Get him back!”

“Get Him Back!” is the anthem that is perfect for anyone who’s been bamboozled by a frat boy. I’ve been there. Here’s what you should say to yourself.

  • I can effortlessly let go of the things that no longer serve me.
  • I do not give energy to those who do not deserve it.
  • I do not chase my desires, as the things that are meant for me do not run.
“Love is embarrassing”

I can’t say that this statement is totally wrong because love can indeed be embarrassing. If you fall for people fast and face the consequences of failed situationships a lot (yes, I am at-ing myself again), this song is probably at the top of your list. Repeat after me:

  • My presence is appreciated by everyone.
  • It is an honor to be loved by me.
  • I do not waste my energy on what does not deserve it.
  • I am becoming a better version of myself every day.
“The Grudge”

Another win for the heartbroken girlies! “The Grudge” encapsulates the feeling of being beaten down by the one person you never expected to hurt you as well as facing disappointment in them for doing it and yourself for allowing it to hurt you. Give it up for the affirmations that may serve my fellow heartbroken besties.

  • I am brave enough to walk away from the things that no longer serve me.
  • Things are only getting better for me.
  • Peace and healthy love are flowing in my direction.
  • I am strong enough to separate myself from my own negative thoughts, as we are not one.
“Pretty isn’t pretty”

Beauty standards are dangerous and so is this song for my mental well-being. If you relate to Olivia in “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”, here are the words of affirmation that might help you fight the insecurities that societal pressure has ingrained into your head.

  • I love the things about me that make me me.
  • Both my internal and external beauty is admired by everyone around me.
  • I am in alignment with my feminine energy.
  • I radiate a beautiful energy.
“Teenage dream”

The final song in GUTS, “Teenage Dream,” is a gentle depiction of growing pains and the self-doubt that comes with getting older. This one is for all of us.

  • Anything I want to do and anyone I want to be is obtainable to my current self.
  • My desires are in alignment with my reality.
  • I am in alignment with my highest self.
  • Every day is full of new opportunities for me.
  • Life is meant to be good and will always continue to get better.
  • I am constantly becoming older, wiser, and more abundant.
  • I am always growing as a person every day.

If you’re looking for more affirmations to incorporate into your daily life, I would go ahead and run to Pinterest real quick. I am genuinely wishing all of my Olivia girlies good luck as you play the emotion-filled masterpieces in GUTS.

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, I’m not sure where you’ve been, but here you go.

Be warned though, I am not responsible for the emotional turmoil that may be caused. But don’t worry, these affirmations will be here for you after you listen.

Abbi Donaldson is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus UCF who covers all things wellness and pop culture. She is a senior at the University of Central Florida with a major in Advertising & Public Relations with a minor in Mass Culture and Collective Behavior. Abbi loves all things campaign marketing and brand strategy related. You can typically find Abbi at the gym, a music festival or binging a YA romance novel.