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9 Emojis We All Need in Our Lives

While I commend Apple for adding a great amount of new emojis to our iPhones awhile back, I must say there are still a good amount missing. There is just something lacking in my emoji conversations, and I personally think it’s the emojis I’ve listed below:

1. The “Simply Avocado” Emoji

Is it took much to ask for an avocado emoji? I mean seriously, who doesn’t love avocados? They’re an essential part of each meal whether it’s avocado toast, guacamole, or baked avocado fries.

2. The “I’m Still Alive, But I’m Barely Breathing” Emoji

This emoji is the epitome of every girl the waking up Saturday morning after she spent the night guzzling vodka tonics and drunkenly munching down on greasy pizza. It would be your standard pink-shirt-girl emoji, equipped with messy hair and huge sunglasses, a look of pure distress.

3. The “Ultimate Bloody Mary” Emoji

I’m not talking your standard bloody, I want this emoji to be the real deal. I’m thinking a mini cheeseburger, shrimp, a celery stick- the works.

4. The “Swaggy” Emoji

This is simply a backwards peace sign emoji. Don’t get me wrong, I love the front facing peace sign, but some times I just need to show off a different emotion. Cue Justin Bieber whispering, “Swag, swag, on you” as he types this emoji out.

5. The “Pregnant Lady” Emoji

While I think there should be a pregnant woman emoji for all of those who relate, I personally find it necessary for all of the times I eat too large of a meal and have a food baby.

6. The “I’ve Been Up All Night & I’m Still Going to Fail” Emoji

This one involves the typical night of studying essentials: dark circles under the eyes, hair that hasn’t been brushed in at least 12 hours and a Red Bull in hand.

7. The “Ed Sheeran” Emoji

Okay, so not like literally Ed Sheeran, but it truly is time for a red-headed emoji, it’s just not fair!

8. The “Totally Over Disney World” Emoji

Remember that little girl Chloe who could totally care less about the fact that she and her family were taking a trip to Disney World? That is literally how I feel 90% of my days, and this emoji would finally express that for me.

9. The “Extinct Animal” Emoji

Honestly, is it really that hard to have a dinosaur emoji? I’ve been using the weird dragon emoji for too long now.


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