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7 Movies That Wouldn’t Have Happened If the Dude Had Just Gone to Therapy

Twitter just has a special way of inspiring you — aimlessly scrolling down the page, entirely wasting your time. And yet, you’re entertained. It’s fantastic. One of my favorite aspects of Twitter is this odd sense of community and the insane ability for one person’s comment to become an “inside” joke between you and thousands of your closest Twitter friends. Recently I came across this tweet by Sophia Benoit that I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about:

I spent way more time than I’d like to admit reading each reply and quote tweet and thought what better way to turn this wasted time into something creative than by compiling my favorites into a list and sharing them with you. Here are seven movies that wouldn’t have happened if the dude had just gone to therapy.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

It felt only right to start off this article with a festive pitch. While his heart did, in fact, grow three times in size, it doesn’t change the fact that the Grinch is a grown man paralleled by a little girl who frankly shouldn’t have been solving his issues. 

Star Wars

Talking about your issues is important, but so is who you talk about them with. Instead of Star Wars, we could have had Star Peace. 

500 Days of Summer

Surprise: The guy can’t believe the girl he wants rejects him and is astounded when he discovers the only reasonable thing to do it move on! 

Super surprise: He moves onto another girl immediately after making peace with his dilemma!

Batman: All of Them

We get it, your parents died in 1939…it’s 2019, please seek help. 

The Great Gatsby

The movie (and the book) are accompanied by the sweet stench of feeling bad for male characters when they have unrealistic fantasies and expectations. Leave Daisy alone. 

Finding Nemo

Listen, Nemo acted out of defiance for his father’s overprotectiveness. Had Marlin gone to therapy and not projected his fears onto his son, Nemo wouldn’t have needed to be found. 

Shrek the Third

This is absolutely correct.

Bonus: It’s all of them!

Maybe — but only maybe — talking about your emotions is helpful and there is an abundance of male characters that would benefit from it.

All jokes aside, therapy is serious and this list was only meant to poke a bit of fun at typical movie tropes. Communicating your feelings in a healthy manner is important and seeing a professional about it isn’t something to be ashamed of. 

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Krysten is a senior at UCF studying Advertising & Public Relations as well as Political Science. She's a lover of women empowerment, gardening, fashion, content creation, & the oxford comma. In addition to being a staff writer at Her Campus at UCF, she is also the chapter's Graphic Designer as well as an intern at Her Campus Nationals. When she isn't keeping up with the latest social media trends or improving her graphic design skills you can find her tending to her houseplant collection. Connect with Krysten on Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.
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