7 Hacks You Need to Know Before Moving Into Your Dorm

Move-in days are filled with mixed emotions of sadness to be leaving your home but excitement for the future. Don't add to that mix by stressing yourself out when unpacking and getting ready for a new beginning.

1. Label and Categorize

When packing, don't just do the lazy "shove in a box" because you'll regret it. Separate all your items into piles by room or category such as bathroom, closet, or bedroom. Move-in day can also get very hectic, so to make sure you don't lose any of your stuff! Label the boxes with your name and room number so they can be returned to you if they get lost.

2. Move-In Tools

We tend to mostly focus on decor items, but we should remember the basic tools needed for a smooth move-in. Cleaning supplies should be within easy access so you'll be able to clean the room right when you get the key. Basic tools and command strips are helpful if you need to hang tapestries, frames, or the classic fairy lights. Something often forgotten is batteries for speakers, lights and other small electronics.

When hanging anything with command strips, make sure the end of the command is sticking out from your decor so you can pull it off when moving out. If you don't do this, it won't work and will rip your wall. This has happened to me, so now I only use Velcro commands to avoid the hassle!

3. Clothes Transportation

This isn't the most chic transportation method, but it's the most effective. If you hang your clothes on space-saving velvet hangers and poke holes in trash bags to pull through the hangers, you can easily transport them. The best part is when you come face-to-face with the minuscule closet that will be yours for the year, you can easily hang your clothes and rip off the trash bags and be done with the horrid clothes unpacking.

4. Pack Smart

Packing is probably the biggest task of dorm move-in, so if it's done carefully you'll save so much time. Make sure to tape boxes shut on the top and bottom to avoid the heartbreak of your precious decor shattering. Also make sure to tape plastic drawers shut so they won't fly open during transportation. Lastly, the MVP of move-in would have to be a trolley or pull cart. Even if your college says they provide some, I still recommend bringing your own because sometimes it can be a hassle to rent them out.

5. Plan the Layout

With the excitement of wanting to decorate your room, you tend to rush over steps that should be done first. Before unpacking make sure all your furniture is where you want it. It is way harder to re-arrange furniture when you already have your items sprawled all over.

6. Plan the Process

As a very methodical person, I planned what I would unpack first and how. If you already know what you're going to unpack first, the people helping you will have a much easier time following your lead. I recommend hanging everything on your wall and doing all the electrical work first because later on there could be items in your way. Some people make the bed first but I prefer to make it last so I can use it as a "loading zone" and my comforter won't get dirty.

7. Keep a List

No matter how much you planned for this day, somehow there is always something you forget and that's normal. Although instead of rushing to the store to get that one forgotten item, make a list! Keep a running list of forgotten essentials because there are bound to be multiple. One big trip saves more time and patience than multiple baby trips!

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