6 Ways To Make Your College Apartment Feel More Like Home

Moving out from home to a dorm or from a dorm to a college apartment is a really exciting step! However, when you move in, you might start to get overwhelmed with how empty the space is; this is why it’s important to personalize and decorate your apartment. Here are 6 tips on how to help make your college apartment homier:

  1. 1. Decorate Your Walls 

    woman using laptop in bed

    Empty walls can seem very uninviting, but luckily this is an easy fix! Anything that will help cover the walls, such as a photo collage or tapestry, can make a huge difference. Also, some websites like Etsy have poster prints you can download, and at many stores like Walmart, you can send these downloads in to be printed at any size you want. 

  2. 2. Personalize with Comfy Bedding 

    pink and white fluffy pillows on a white bed

    The bed takes up the most space in a room, so it’s important that it looks appealing and cozy. Choose a set of sheets and a comforter that are soft and comfortable in a color or pattern you like. It’s also super important that your bed is comfortable to sleep in, so look into getting a mattress topper and make sure to buy comfortable pillows! 

  3. 3. Use Rugs and Lighting

    woman working from home on laptop

    If your apartment comes with hardwood floors, choose a couple of colorful rugs to put in the living room and your bedroom. This will not only make the floor more comfortable to walk on, but it decorates the room too! No one wants to step on a cold, hard floor first thing in the morning, so even if your apartment comes with carpet, get a rug to put in the bathroom. 

    Also, sometimes the lighting in dorms and college apartments can be very unappealing. Look for a nice desk lamp, a standing floor lamp or some hanging lights to brighten up the whole room.

  4. 4. Get a Desk Chair 

    Woman working at desktop computer

    As students, we spend a lot of time sitting at our desks, listening to lectures or doing homework. A lot of college apartments come furnished, and the desks in these apartments are usually uncomfortable, so I definitely recommend getting a comfortable desk chair. This will make it much more inviting and motivating to study — which we all need to do. 

  5. 5. Add Some Plants 

    Potted plants in room

    Plants are a great way to add some color to your apartment and freshen the air. Houseplants are also a great way to boost your mood! 

  6. 6. Keep it Clean

    We have busy lives with school, work, internships and more, and sometimes cleaning our rooms and apartments gets pushed to the bottom of our list. It’s important to keep your space clean because this will help it feel homier and more motivating. To make this less intimating, try cleaning one room at a time, or even one section of a room at a time! 

Whether you’re in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, these simple tips can really help make your space more inviting and homey!