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5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus During Spring Semester

Whether you just transferred to UCF or just spent most of fall semester holed up in your dorm room, spring semester is an awesome time to get involved on campus. UCF has tons of clubs and student organizations ranging from a lettuce eating club to Greek life. Whatever you are looking for you can find it on our campus. Get started with these suggestions! 

1. Join a Knight-Thon team!

UCF students are very enthusiastic about raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Knight-Thon is a 20-hour event that draws thousands of students. The fundraiser is conveniently hosted right on campus in the CFE Arena and in the lead up to the event there are a bunch of fundraising activities you can participate in. Last year UCF Knights came together to raise over $1.5 million! 

2. Check out the classes, trips and events hosted by the Recreation and Wellness Center.

If you enjoy sports, exercise or the outdoors you will definitely find an activity you want to join! Their Outdoor Adventure program organizes awesome trips for students that range from one-day excursions to week-long explorations. Their workout classes range from kickboxing to yoga and attending them is a great way to make friends and de-stress!

3. Do your best to snag tickets for Universal Knights!

This is technically off-campus but it is by far my favorite UCF tradition. It is so awesome to experience Universal with all your friends–for free! Getting tickets can be stressful but is ultimately always a fun experience whether it’s in person or online. Be sure to snag a spot on one of the UCF provided shuttles!

4. Head to a basketball game!

With football season ending soon, you might have a Knightro shaped hole in your heart, but don’t worry, our women’s and men’s basketball teams will have plenty of games throughout spring semester! Bring your school spirit and your friends these games, because UCF fans get loud and are always rocking black and gold! UCF Athletics even gives out prizes to the first fans to attend. #GKCO!

5. Apply to join Her Campus UCF, aka the best girl gang on campus!

I might be a bit biased but this is one of the best organizations at UCF. Her Campus gives members a ton of opportunities to make an impact at UCF including on-campus events that attract thousands of students. Applying is a great way to meet amazing people and make awesome memories! You can apply at this link until midnight on December 31st!

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Rachel is a currently a senior at UCF studying English. She is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Her Campus UCF. She loves to travel, is obsessed with her dog, and is forever in search of the perfect pink wine. When she is not writing fun articles you can usually find her spending too much money at Target or hiding in a good book. If you want to follow her on social media you can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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