5 Unconventional College Essentials

As the new school year approaches, many of us will find ourselves needing new gear to get us through the upcoming semesters. On top of your typical college essentials, like these dorm must-haves, you can make the efforts to elevate your student lifestyle with a few simple additions. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or rising senior, these five unconventional college essentials will help make this upcoming school year the best one yet:

1. Polaroid Camera

There’s something special about having a physical copy of photos that makes capturing a moment in time all the better. Polaroids make for saving and treasuring your amazing college memories super easy, and they’re also the best for having cute wall decorations.

Although Polaroid cameras can be an investment piece, seeing your college memories develop as you live your life, adventure with friends, and travel to unforgettable places truly is priceless. You can find a great Polaroid camera here or here

2. Memory Box

I transformed an old box of mine into what I call my memory box. From old photos and letters from friends and family to movie tickets and Disney passes, my memory box contains endless happy, sentimental moments from my college years. Whenever I’m stressed or sad, I refer back to this box, and I’m instantly uplifted with the countless positive memories I’ve managed to collect throughout the years.

You can recycle an old box like I did, or you could find a plain wooden box like this one at Michael’s or other craft stores that are optimal for DIY customization and decoration. And major bonus: memory boxes make for a great art activity to do by yourself or with friends! 

3. Journals, Notebooks, or Planners

Having a place to write down your thoughts or plan out your day is an absolute essential for many college students. I personally love using bullet journals since they allow me to draw and customize my own spreads. Other planners, like this happiness planner, are not only perfect for organizing your life, but they also contribute to self-growth and lasting joy.

However, if writing things down isn’t for you, then scheduling apps like Google Calendar work just as well and are life savers for busy college students. 

4. Reusable Items

Since college is when many of us begin living independently, it’s the perfect time to start and practice environmentally friendly lifestyle habits.

These green lifestyle habits may include carrying your own reusable water bottle and taking advantage of the water dispensers located all around campus, using green bags when grocery shopping, or my personal favorite, investing in reusable straws to minimize the amount of waste we produce on our daily coffee runs. 

5. A Music Streaming Subscription

Last but certainly not least, having music to jam to while you’re commuting to campus, walking to class, or just hanging out in your dorm room or apartment— without ad interruptions— is crucial for living happily as a college student. 

Music streaming services, like Apple Music or Spotify Premium, offer student discount subscriptions for as low as $4.99 a month, and they make for an easy way to save money and enjoy endless bops. A great added bonus for Spotify Premium is its instant access to your own new Hulu account. A way to stream your favorite music and TV shows? Simply amazing. 

It’s the little things that can make the biggest differences in our college lifestyles. Best of luck with this school year Knights! 

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