5 Tips To Nail Your Internship Interview

If you’re anything like me, you get incredibly anxious when facing an interview. Due to the circumstances we’re living through, interviewing for internships has been strictly remote — which can either be nerve-wracking or a blessing for many. Here I will be sharing with you five tips so you can land that dream internship, and my personal interview experience this semester. 

  1. 1. Get to know the employer

    You never want to get caught off-guard by not knowing what the company stands for, what they sell, or even the industry they fall under. Make sure to dive deep into their website and social media accounts to study the company. It’s really impressive to employers when they ask that million-dollar question: "What made you want to work for us?” and you have a clear and definitive answer that is specific to something they’ve done. This shows that you aren't only interested in the position, but also in the company.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did last semester when I interviewed for a company and had no idea they did media for the real estate industry, so I bombed the interview and probably came off as unprepared to the interviewer.

  2. 2. Dress the part

    Yes, I know they can only see your torso, but make sure your upper body is dressed to impress! You can wear those sweats you love so much, but dressing up completely as if you’re in an in-person interview can trigger that excitement in you to nail that interview.

  3. 3. Practice, practice, practice!

    I always daydream and talk to myself — sometimes in questionable accents — so instead of doing that, why not sit with your Photo Booth app on and practice answering questions and talking about yourself? Talking yourself up in an interview can be difficult, especially when you’re a little insecure and shy, but practicing beforehand without scripting it can help you feel more relaxed and loose so you can hype yourself up during that interview!

  4. 4. Prepare some questions

    It never looks good when an interviewee doesn’t have any questions prepared, so don’t make that mistake! Interviewers want to know you’re engaged and interested in the position — coming in hot with great questions can make your interview more memorable. Here are a few examples I've used in the past:

    - What does your typical day-to-day look like?

    - Are there any big projects coming up that I am able to participate in and share a fresh perspective?

    - How do you measure success in this position?

    - Am I able to touch base at least weekly with someone to talk about my work?

    - Will there be chances to explore other departments within the company?

  5. 5. Be yourself and show off your skills

    Remember that if you have been chosen to be interviewed, then the company sees the potential in you and is ready to hear all about you! Don’t sell yourself short. Make sure to share any fun facts about yourself, previous experiences, and how grateful you are for the chance to be interviewed. One thing I always like to do is send them my personal website (which serves as a portfolio) to them prior to the interview — which usually goes over very well. As corny as it may sound, being your amazing self and turning on that charm of yours can do wonders!

This semester I had the pleasure of interning at Statusphere, and I remember my interview going super well. The person who interviewed showed genuine interest in me, loved my fun facts and website, and was impressed by the writing sample I submitted. The reason why I think I nailed that interview was that I was honest about this being my second time applying — showing them that I was genuinely interested in working for them. 

Fast forward, I applied to a bunch of companies through Intern Pursuit and got about four interview offers (which is pretty rare for Intern Pursuit!) and my first one offered me the job from the get-go! I made sure to follow these tips, and my experience in past internships helped me stand out, but I think my preparation for the interview is what sealed the deal. I don’t share this to brag but merely to show you that making sure you’re ready and that you can show off your genuine excitement can land you that dream internship. I believe in you, and I hope this has helped you in some way.