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Moving out is stressful and scary. It’s a huge change in one’s life, especially when it is as big as leaving for college. For the first time ever, you are on your own. No parents, no rules. Everyone’s experience is different and there is no right or wrong way to go through this transition. It may be easier on some than others. I hope this article helps a lot with what I learned, and what you should know. 

Don’t trust everyone

Not everyone acts as you think they should, and when you’re on your own, you meet many different people. It’s hard to know their intentions and even though it’s very easy to form friendships, it is just as easy to lose them. What you will do for other people, other people might not do for you. Because of this, it’s important to understand that not everyone thinks the same and you will be exposed to different perspectives every single day. Meeting new people in a new place is one of the best connections ever. However, make sure not to lose yourself, and always ensure that your energy is matched in your interactions.

How to clean

When we are living with our parents, being lazy is a must. It’s not even funny anymore — I don’t remember picking up a broom once at mom’s house. But when you live on your own, cleaning is something you look forward to. When you have things that are yours and you worked hard for them, you tend to take care of them more. Making sure that the house is spotless is something you learn as you go. So, by having your own things, your own place, and your own vibes, you want to take care of it all as best as you can. I often sit down and think about the time when I didn’t even do the dishes back home. Disgusting.

How to be self-sufficient

Being on your own is a journey that’s different for everyone. For some it feels like freedom, and for others it feels like a challenge. For me, it’s been a mix of both. I’ve always been attached to my family, so it has been hard, however, I really enjoy being in a new city and having my own place and responsibilities. Essentially, being independent is a characteristic that we all need to learn. Being self-sufficient comes with a lot of responsibility, such as making sure you pay rent on time, buy your own groceries, and plan things out effectively. Balancing school and a social life is also important. So, at this point, being on your own means that you only have you.

My limits

In this world, and especially during these times, it’s imperative to stay safe. Obviously, with COVID, wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding huge gatherings is extremely important. Staying safe and knowing right from wrong is something we often struggle to learn. But, in general, I learned that sometimes you just can’t stay out too late. Even though mom isn’t nagging at you anymore, it’s important to know certain limits in order to stay safe. In relation to this, sometimes you have to limit yourself in ways to stay healthy. I know Chinese takeout is very good, but we simply cannot have it everyday.

Who I am

When you’re by yourself, you learn many things about who you are. Even if during these times it may be confusing, you learn what you like and what you don’t like. In this big, blue scary world, it’s so easy to be confused about who you are and what your purpose is. But you also have to also realize how strong you are and how, sometimes, life can really break you down. The most important part is that you know that at the end of the day, you’ve got this. Even though we are always surrounded by friends, roommates, and others, sometimes it’s good to give yourself a little credit — it’s okay to not be okay.

There are countless things we learn while we are trying to figure out the next step in our lives, like moving out. I am still trying to figure them out myself, but we got this! It’s important to always know that in life, you have yourself, and you can get through anything.  

Lover of all things creative! Class of 2024, and majoring in special education. Makeup artistry is my passion!
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