5 Not-So-Scary Ways to Create Halloween Traditions in College

Everyone knows that with the start of college comes new friends, new classes and definitely new traditions. It’s almost comical how the second you just get settled into a routine, bam: it’s Halloween and it's time to celebrate. It can be difficult to find new ways to celebrate the spooky season in a cinder block room, but it is doable, and with these five ways it's 100% possible to make the most of the second best time of year:

1. Channel your inner interior designer

There is no better way to get to know the people you live with than to bond while walking down the scary decor aisle in Walmart. Most large retail chains put out their Halloween decorations in early September, which means there’s no reason your common area can’t look like Halloween aisles threw up in it by October 1st. Things such as decorative plastic pumpkins, cobwebs and string lights can go a long way in making everything feel more subtly spooky and fall-like. Covering end tables in cobwebs, attaching string lights around a TV stand and placing window stickers on every inch of space is a great way to not only start a new tradition, but give you time to get to know your roommates!

2. Create your own spooktacular movie lineup

Over the years, it’s almost guaranteed that you and the people you know have collected your fair share of Halloween movies. Disney, horror, comedies and all other genres of movies fit for the season make for a not-so-scary (or terrifying, if you’re into that) weekend of movie binging to not only keep the Halloween spirit alive, but let you embrace your childhood amidst the stress of classes and exams. harry potter halloween GIF

3. Embrace the change in season and scenery

If you’re feeling homesick, this one's for you. Despite what they tell you, everyone has a little bit of FOMO around holiday times. You’re not with your old friends at your school's pumpkin patch or helping your family pass out candy, and that can make you feel homesick even if you don’t know it. There’s no one cure for this, but making the most of everything that has changed can do some good. Go for a walk and embrace the fact that it’s no longer extremely humid and appreciate the way autumnal sunsets look, because I promise you they are something to see. Doing things that make you actively engaged with the change in season help you realize all of the good that is free to you in your new place.

autumn, fall, foliage

4. You don’t have to go out to dress up

Now I don’t know about you, but Halloween socks from Target are well worth the five dollars. If you’re not a party person or don’t feel like going out on a weekday, don’t fear. I hope you’ve at least put a plastic pumpkin on your coffee table because that is vital to this whole aesthetic. If you choose to spend Halloween watching movies and gorging on candy, power to you. However, adding some cute Halloween socks or anything else you may already have will make your night 10x better. If you’re having friends over, maybe enforce a "no costume, no candy" rule. Now, I don’t mean an expensive costume but literally something you can throw together last minute. It will transform your usual Wednesday night hangout into a night you won’t forget.

Orange Plastic Bucket

5. Find a pumpkin patch and get your ‘gram on

You didn’t think I’d forget this one, did you? As cliché as it is, making the most out of the numerous pumpkin patches in your area will not only be the perfect time to get that pumpkin you’ve been dying to carve but up your Instagram game for the season. Many pumpkin patches are free to the public and ensure their location is photo friendly. So, put on your maroon shirt and some cute boots and head over with your roommates for a fun afternoon. Pro tip: going just before golden hour makes for amazing lighting and an overall fall feel in both photos and person.

orange pumpkins under white sky at daytime

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