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5 Life-Changing Podcast Episodes Perfect for the Girl on the Go

As busy college students, there’s always something eating up our precious time. Whether it’s our extensive morning routines, the back and forth drive from work to school or the lengthy walks in between classes, even the smallest tasks leave us to believe we never have time for anything—not even ourselves.

But, despite our full agendas, there are many instances throughout our day where we can optimize our learning and work on bettering who we are with help from podcasts. To get you started on your new journey of living more productively, here are five podcast episodes perfect for the girl on the go.

1. For a Brighter Morning

Brew your morning cup of coffee, grab your makeup bag and tune in to the Dear Sugars' “How Do I Find The Courage To Be My Own Guide?” podcast episode. In this installment, the New York Times and WBUR podcast channels share advice from Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Indie Arie.

While you’re getting ready, listen in on Indie’s thoughts on taking chances, the importance of trusting yourself and the benefits of following your heart. It’s the perfect, life-changing episode for any hardworking dreamer.

Before you head out your front door, feel instantly inspired and empowered with this 26-minute episode, now streaming on Spotify, WBUR and other podcast platforms.

2. Look Forward to Your Commute

Whether you’re sitting in Orlando traffic or driving in circles trying to find on-campus parking, you can make your drive better with the Modern Love episode “When Your Greatest Romance Is A Friendship.” The New York Times and WBUR collaborate again to produce this unique, light-hearted story.In this episode, actor Ali Fazal narrates the story of how two extremely different people manage to form a friendship as genuine and real as your typical romantic fairytale. A refreshing narrative on platonic love, this podcast episode sheds light on the meaning of true friendship and its abiding benefits to personal growth and fulfillment.

Make your morning commute more enjoyable and play this 21-minute podcast episode in your car on Spotify, The New York Times or on other podcast platforms.  

3. Have a Productive Walk to Class

Stressed about how you’ll manage to complete today’s to-do list? Worry no more and tune in to Optimal Living Daily’s podcast episode “Eight Ways To Have More Time” on your walk to class for some quick tips on productivity.

In just seven minutes, you can learn how to hack your way to maximizing the time in your day and conquering your busy schedule. You can find out these eight transformative tips on Spotify, the Optimal Living Daily website or on other streaming services.

4. Get Excited for Tonight’s Club Meeting

You’ve crushed your day, but before you call it a night, you have to make your way to tonight’s club meeting. As you’re walking over, plug in your headphones and press play on Optimal Relationships Daily’s podcast episode “Surround Yourself With People Who Hold You To A Higher Standard Than You Hold Yourself.”

If you’re ever feeling stuck or unmotivated, take a look at who you spend your time with, because often times, your life is a reflection of your standards. This podcast episode reminds you that the best way to change your life is to surround yourself with people who rightfully challenge and uplift you.

Give this 12-minute podcast episode a quick listen before you meet up with your friends at tonight’s on-campus club meeting and you may be even more excited to see everyone there. Listen in on this episode on Spotify, Optimal Relationships Daily’s website or on other listening sites.

5. End Your Night on a Good Note

As you wind down and get ready for bed, take some time to reflect on your day. What worked well? Most importantly, what didn’t work well? Gain some insight on how to learn from your mistakes and listen to The Accidental Creative’s podcast episode “What To Do When You Fail.”

We often try to avoid and forget our failures but doing so will only hinder our growth. This podcast episode sheds light on four major questions we should ask ourselves when even our best day-to-day efforts go up in smoke. Listening to this episode as you unwind from your busy day will reassure you on how to manage your life, and it will leave you motivated to take on tomorrow’s challenges with a fresh, new perspective.

Uncover what it takes to better yourself in this short 10-minute episode found on Spotify, The Accidental Creative website or on other podcast services.

There are many instances throughout your day where you can maximize your minutes and feed your soul with positive content, so give yourself a chance to reflect on your daily routine and really take a look at how you’re spending your time. When you do, you just may discover something life-changing.

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Kristen is a third year student at the University of Central Florida enjoying her senior year of college and serves as Senior Editor of HCUCF. She is studying human communication and marketing and is pursuing a certificate in public and professional writing. Kristen’s passions include writing, photography, and painting. When she is not creating something new, Kristen often finds herself listening to her extensive set of playlists on Spotify, watching Parks and Recreation, or ordering from the kid’s section at Chick-Fil-A. She enjoys watching the sunset, spending time with her friends, and eating ice cream.
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