4 Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

So, you're walking to class, driving to your next destination, or simply relaxing at home. Most of the time you would be listening to music, but eventually, it gets to the point where we can't find any new songs or artists to enjoy and we feel stuck. One day this happened to me and I decided to go ahead and search in unknown territory. 

A podcast popped up called "Potterless." This immediately intrigued me: a Harry Potter podcast? There was no way one existed where someone new was exploring what it means to love an amazing series!

Since finding this one podcast I decided to give some others a try. Listening to podcasts now consumes many of my drives, walks and relaxation sessions. That's why I want to share with you four podcasts you need to give a listen to now. 

1. "Potterless" Podcast

"Potterless" features Mike Schubert, who decided to read through the Harry Potter series for the very first time. He's in his 20s, which makes it even more hilarious listening to his perspective. He invites some fans of the Harry Potter franchise to sit with him and discuss the chapters and what he thinks of the plots. It's important to keep in mind he hasn't seen all of the movies either, so you really get a kick out of hearing something so fresh and amusing.

One of my absolute favorite episodes from this podcast is "Episode 19—Goblet of Fire Ch. 23." In this section, he talks about the Yule Ball and has the funniest commentary about everything that happens, from the people making out behind the bushes and Snape destroying each one, to the obvious tension between Ron and Hermione, and so much more!

2. Pretty Basic 

YouTubers Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz are two best friends that decided to bless us with this podcast called Pretty Basic. Throughout they "spill the tea" and just get real about personal life experiences they've had. I mean... isn't that what podcasts are for? Across the episodes, they discuss boy drama, relationships of all kinds, resolutions and many more personal topics we can totally relate to or want to understand.

My favorite episode has to be "Content, Baby, Content." It gives you the realities of what it means to be a YouTuber, celebrity or influencer in the dating world, and it entails a message of caution because you don't technically know what you're going to get and who could intentionally or unintentionally use you for those followers. Now in referencing guys that fill that description my little sister and I use the phrase, "Content, Baby, Content."

3. Love Letters 

Love Letters is a podcast in which Meredith Goldstein, a lifestyle and entertainment writer and "Love Letters" advice columnist for the Boston Globe, discusses heartbreak in her first season of this podcast. Meredith brings in different people to discuss their version of heartbreak, the normalcy of it and what it means to them now.

One episode of the podcast that really hit me was "S1E4: For Coffee, in Paris." The episode focuses on a story of losing contact with someone and being heartbroken by it. The only remaining item left for the person who went through this was a note written on a euro that said, "For Coffee, in Paris." This struck me because I feel as though we all carry relics with us of what remains from a relationship held dear to us—romantic or not—so this episode is lovely to listen and relate to!

4. Girls Night 

Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson is a podcast by Stephanie May Wilson, also known as the author of "The Lipstick Gospel." This podcast is a Christian-based one that came to me in a time of need. A friend had written out some episodes for me to listen to and since then I have been hooked! 

One of the many episodes I love is "Girls Night #19: The 20 - Something Girl's Survival Guide." This episode is one of my favorites because it contains one of my favorite quotes ever said: "Find someone who when they have hit the brink of exhaustion, they are more tired than they've ever been in their life, that they still treat you well and other people around them well." This quote has followed me since I heard it and I want others to hear, see and share this quote as well. It's just beautifully worded and such a true statement!

If you're getting bored with your playlists or are in search of exploring new horizons go check out these podcasts! There are so many to love and listen to that will spark your interest and give you such amazing insight or pure entertainment! 

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