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4 Plants for Your Dorm or Apartment That You Can Actually Keep Alive

Going into my sophomore year at UCF and moving into an off-campus apartment, I was looking for a way to make my new space feel more like home. So, I sat down and went to the holy grail of home decor: Pinterest. The one common theme between all of the dream apartments I was looking at was plants! At first, the idea was slightly intimidating because as a college student prone to procrastination, I didn’t know if I would even be capable of keeping a plant alive. I knew, realistically, that if I was really afraid of killing my plants, I could find some very convincing fake plants. However, one of the reasons I love plants so much is because they give you a low-pressure sense of responsibility and are an easy way to start building a healthy routine. Plants are like people; they need water, light and a little bit of TLC to thrive. If you can remember to take care of your plants, you can remember to take care of yourself. 

So without further ado, here’s my list of the best—and most difficult to kill—plants!


  1. 1. Snake Plant

    Snake Plants earn the top spot on the list because they are virtually unkillable. They’re flexible with the amount of light they need, which is great for dorm rooms with bad lighting and few windows. They also need very little water—perfect for forgetful college students. This great plant is not only pretty, but it also helps purify the air in your room!

  2. 2. Aloe

    As Floridians, we all know that aloe is the best cure for a nasty sunburn. Though, what you may not know is that this powerful plant is actually fairly simple to care for. Aloe is more than capable of surviving in low light and loves moisture, making them a great option for your bathroom. This is my own aloe plant that I keep in my bathroom and it's thriving with a little water about once a week. Pick up an aloe plant, let it clean your air and cut it open to use the gel to help heal minor cuts and burns.

  3. 3. Peace Lily 

    For a flowering option, look no further than the peace lily! These plants require a little more light and water than the others on this list, but don’t worry. Put your peace lily near a window and keep the soil damp, but not soaked, and watch the flowers bloom in the spring! 

  4. 4. String of Pearls

    My last suggestion on this list of easy to care for houseplants is a fun one: the string of pearls. Use a trusty Command hook to hang this plant by a sunny window, let it dry completely between waterings and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, flowing string of pearls! Don’t be afraid to clip the ends if they start to get out of control.

I hope this guide inspired you to get some plants of your own! Like starting anything new, some setbacks may happen, but there are plenty of websites and videos to help you through it.

Go forth and grow, friends!

Images: 1, 24, 5. 3 provided by the author.