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10 Ways To Enjoy Halloween As An Adult

I may be an adult now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss all of the fun experiences I used to have during Halloween as a kid. Even though it may not necessarily be acceptable for you and I to go to other people’s doors and say “trick-or-treat,” that doesn’t mean we have no choice but to just stand at the front door and deliver candy to everyone else who still can. For those of you who want to do more than just give out candy at the front door on Halloween night, check out this article for a list of 10 ways that you can still enjoy Halloween as an adult! 

1. Combine small treats with some of your favorite snacks.

I personally like putting Butterfinger bites in my popcorn whenever I go to the movies…Just saying. 

2. Go to Halloween inspired events with friends or family.


Going to Universal for Halloween Horror Nights is the absolute BEST! The park itself offers an endless amount of sweets, and you’ll definitely enjoy all of the thrills that come with the HHN experience! Just make sure you can get tickets! 

3. Bake or buy Halloween inspired sweets!

Search up some YouTube videos for some SUPER creative ideas! Or, you can always just go with the classic set of caramel apples! These can be made to share, or (even better) DEVOUR ALL ON YOUR OWN! 

4. Watch scary movies at night with a group of your closest friends or family.

If you’re someone who actually enjoys watching them and screaming along with everyone else, then this might be the perfect idea for you! Don’t forget to munch on those Halloween sweets we talked about!

5. Light and place a few fall inspired candles around your house or apartment (if you’re allowed to, that is).

This will certainly bring back that feeling of nostalgia (if your mom used to light fall inspired candles on Halloween night, that is)! 

6. “Treat” yourself to a little shopping spree.

Whatever you buy will be the “treats,” get it?! 

7. Dress your pets or siblings up for Halloween and take them out trick-or-treating if you can.

Who knows? They might even share some of their candy (or dog treats) with you! 

8. Experiment with a brand new makeup look!

Put those unopened products and makeup palettes to use, girl! 

9. Have a Halloween party!

You’ll be surprised at the number of people who will actually show up. Some might even be in costume! 

10. Visit a nearby candy/sweets shop and go completely CRAZY! 

There’s no shame in doing this, especially when you’ll probably end up going home with more candy than you’ll know what to do with for a SUPER inexpensive cost. Also, IT’S HALLOWEEN! C’MON!!!

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