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Your Ultimate Guide to Davis Grocery Shopping

It can be hard to figure out groceries after you leave the comfort of the UC Davis Dining Commons. Here’s a guide to help you go grocery shopping in Davis!

1. Davis Food Co-op

Tucked into the edge of downtown on 6th and G Street, the Davis Food Co-op has some amazing organic and specialty items. Not only do they have unique products like Halo Top ice cream (which is gluten free and only 280 calories a pint!), but they have an awesome hot and cold food buffet where you can grab a delicious, healthy meal on the run. Just try their stuff, you’ll love it!

2. Kim’s Mart

This Asian food market on 4th Street in downtown is a great place to go for your ramen, Asian vegetable, and mochi needs. The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful, and they have a great refrigerated section with delectable seaweed salads. They also have some of the best snack items in town!

3. Farmers Market

Held every Saturday morning and Wednesday evening near Central Park in downtown, the Davis Farmers Market is a fantastic place to get locally sourced and organic foods! They have a range of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and bread products. All of the vendors are friendly and love providing samples for you to try before you buy.

4. Trader Joe’s

Located on the corner of Russell and Sycamore, Trader Joe’s is a great place for fresh produce and pre-made meals. Their options are healthy and you can find some great prices on their microwave-and-oven-friendly dishes for those nights you just don’t have the time to cook a meal.

5. Whole Foods

Davis has a Whole Foods in the Davis Commons section of downtown, located on 1st and D Street. This store is great for specialty diet items, such as gluten-free and dairy-free products. They have a ton of super healthy options!

6. Safeway

Davis has two Safeways, one on Cowell Boulevard in south Davis and another on Covell Boulevard in north Davis. I know – it’s confusing. But both of the Safeways are great for deli meats and brand-name items like snacks and cereals. Both stores are super convenient, open 24 hours, and have self-checkout lanes: perfect for those late-night cravings!

It can be hard going out and buying your own food, but knowing where the best places are will make the process much easier. Happy grocery shopping!

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Mariana graduated from University of California, Davis in 2018 with bachelor's degrees in English and linguistics. She currently works as an editor for a biotechnology company in Seattle, WA.
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