Why You Should Consider Summer Session

Staying in Davis for the summer may not seem appealing, especially as the final quarter of the year seems to drag on and your semester-system friends post luxurious pictures dripping with summer vibes. However, after taking two classes during last summer’s Summer Session 2, I look forward to this summer to take more classes. I know it sounds crazy, but here are some compelling reasons to consider spending some (or all) of your time in Davis for Summer Session.

There is financial aid available

Fear not, you can get financial aid to spend extra time taking classes over the summer!

Lighter class load

For those ambitious womxn out there, you may feel overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of courses that you must take to complete a double major, or a major and multiple minors. Summer session can calm your nerves, as it gives you the chance to take up to three courses (though two is suggested) in order to get classes off of your plate.

Get better grades

You might be the only one out of your friends who chose to stay in Davis for the summer. Use this to your advantage! It is considerably easier to focus during summer session without social distractions like friends and partying. Another added bonus is that there is a 100% chance of finding seating anywhere on campus.

Smaller class sizes

Finally, summer session courses are considerably smaller than a typical lecture during the school year. This gives you an advantage, since professors and TA’s are considerably more accessible! It is also easier to make friends in your classes with smaller sizes.

I know that taking summer classes can sound like a nightmare, but I can promise that it’s worth it! I wouldn’t be doing it again if it wasn’t. I’ve made friends in my summer classes, and it gave me the opportunity to connect with my professors on a professional level that I probably couldn’t have achieved during the academic year.