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What I’ve Learned about Love as a Single Person

You can learn a lot about love and relationships by simply standing on the sidelines and watching people’s relationships unfold. Love is very complex, to say the least. There are so many emotions and actions that fall into this one word, it’s truly fascinating.

Small disclaimer: I have never been in a relationship, nor have I been in love, so perhaps I am not the best person to talk about “love,” but this is what I have learned. 

Love knows no boundaries.

This is something very beautiful about love that anyone can notice. Love doesn’t understand or know the words “gender,” “race,” “distance,” etc. It is simply love, and this emotion is so powerful it disregards the labels society may place on an individual. If the love is real, it will know no boundary and it will overcome even the biggest challenges presented by society.

Love can be painful.

When you fall in love, you are giving a part of yourself to someone. You are trusting them with a piece or maybe your entire heart, and just hope they do not break it because you have such high hopes that it’s painful to even think about it ending.

And if it does end, you feel pain, either because the dedication may no longer be there, the hope of a future together is gone, or simply it maybe just didn’t work out. It is painful to realize that maybe they were able to move on so easily and you were not. Pain demands to be felt. But so does love.

Love demands to be felt.

Once Cupid shoots his arrow, you are stuck, whether it be for a while or for a very long time, it really just depends. I’ve seen countless friends just waiting for their potential significant other to feel the same way. Sometimes they did in the end and other times it simply never happened. 

Love can just be a word.

This is something I have always found fascinating.

Ever notice how in books or movies, the word or phrase “I love you” is made to be such a big deal? Everything is always a build-up to the big moment where they say the three-word, eight-letter phrase. Yet in real life, I have often noticed the phrase is thrown around easily within the first few weeks, making it in a way lose its magic or significance in my opinion.

Though, when people actually understand its significance and are careful with the utilization of the word and phrase, it is something truly special. 

Love is a commitment.

When you feel this way and say that magical phrase, yes, love is the maximum commitment. It means that you will be dedicated to your significant other, try your best to understand them, trust them, and be loyal to them among other things.

Love can be an illusion.

Sometimes, you may fall in love with the illusion you created for someone, and maybe you are simply in love with all the possibilities. Eventually, you will realize one of two things: it is simply not going to happen, or they will surprise you.

Love can be happiness.

For some reason, just the mere presence, thought, or text from that specific person can make your smile ten times brighter than it already was. 

This is what I have learned about love in relationships so far and, who knows, maybe my opinions will change in the near future.

For now, remember to above all love yourself before you love anyone else. I leave you with one of my favorite fictional couples of all time.

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Joyce is a third year studying Communication at UC Davis and is from Tracy, CA. Joyce enjoys musical theatre, reading anything from classics and current bestsellers, eating pizza and cheesecake, all while waiting for the next and final episode of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.
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