The Vloggers of UC Davis

A few weeks ago, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and several UC Davis YouTubers created a partnership in which they would be able to accomplish the goals of not only promoting UC Davis content but also being able to provide a platform for our fellow UC Davis vloggers to show case their work. Together they are called UC Davis Involvement Vloggers.

They have two main goals. For starters, it is a space for CSI to get quality content that they can publish about UC Davis. In doing so, the UCD vloggers are able to get publicity and shares increasing their viewership, a "win-win" situation for both sides. The second goal of the partnership is for the vloggers to come together and "help each other grow, get better, become more professional… and create bigger projects," shared Alex Fisher-Wagner, a UC Davis vlogger.

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"It's a great way to be creative and have fun with it," said Fisher-Wagner as he described what it's like creating college vlogs, in which not only do vloggers let people into their everyday life, but also showing what life is like at UC Davis.

At the moment, the vloggers have already started collaborating with one another constantly, but Fisher-Wagner shared that a big collaboration between all the vloggers is in the works for the near future.

As for any aspiring vloggers, Fisher-Wagner expresses that you should simply, "Go shoot. If you want to become a better vlogger or videographer, just go out and film. Whether it’s on your phone on your camera, whatever, just go film."

Without further ado, meet your UC Davis Vloggers!

Abrion Weinberg

Second Year

Major: Cinema and Digital Media Major

Minor: Communications

From Oroville, California, Weinberg is a 50's era adorer whose dream job is to be a film editor. Some of her favorite things about our beautiful UC Davis, is the campus, the fascinating classes, and all the resources available. On Weinberhg's channel you will find content ranging from fashion, skits, college, josh reactions, and more!

Jake Remolona

First Year

Major: Managerial Economics

From Folsom, Remolona dreams of being a CEO of a company but for now enjoys being here at UCD meeting new people, making friends, and trying all the Boba locations in town. On his channel you will find college survival tips along with vlogs about the life here at UC Davis.

Tiffany Yang

First Year

Major: Clinical Nutrition

Minor: Exercise Biology

Hoping to someday open her own Health Clinic, Yang is from Palo Alto, and loves being here at UCD where everyone is friendly and inclusive, and wants to let you know she is down to "collab or make any different types of videos." On her channel you will find some nutrition and fitness videos, travel vlogs, along with some exciting college life vlogs.

Gauruv Virk

First Year

Major: Computer Science

This Star Wars fan is looking forward to learning until it hurts here at UC Davis, but loves all the friendly individuals ay UCD and even the Cow Smell. On Vrik's channel you will find fun content such as his What I Learned This Week videos, known as WILT, that include all the great experiences he has here at UC Davis on a daily.

Audrey Huyghe

First Year

Major: Cinema and Digital Media

Hoping to inspire others to get involved within school while having fun, Huyghe is from Atlanta, Georgia and some of her favorite things here at UCD are the opportunities and the cows! On her channel, you will find videos from array of topics such as fitness, college vlogs, and travel vlogs.

Alex Fisher-Wagner

Second Year

Majors: Cinema and Digital Media and Chemistry

Hoping to continue creating creative content during his time here at UCD, Fisher-Wagner enjoys our community here at UCD and all the opportunities he has to be able to film and create content. On his channel you will find cinematic content, college vlogs, and other fun videos including his popular dorm tour video below.

Stefenie Berzamina

Second Year

Major: Civil Engineering

Hoping to be able to reach out to more people and have some type of impact in their life, Berzamina is from Sacramento and enjoys the overall vibe of our UC Davis Campus. On her channel you will "Stef" into her world, with video content ranging from traveling, vlogs about here at UCD, as well as food!

Josh Moy

First Year

Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Major.

From Elk Grove, Moy enjoys being able to meet people from all over the world and hoping to be able to learn more about science during his time here in UC Davis. On his channel you will be able to see him hanging out with his friends and experiencing many of the opportunities UC Davis has to offer.

That's it for now, and as our fellow UCD Vloggers would say, "Don't forget to like this video and subscribe!"

Aspiring vlogger yourself? Have questions? Get in contact with any of the vloggers above or CSI for more information!

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