UC Davis’s Best Kept Secrets

It’s now my third year at UC Davis and to this day I still find myself finding new things about Davis that makes my time at Davis even better. 

Now all UC Davis students know that nap time is very important to continue the day. But looking for places to nap are very difficult to find, and sometimes the spaces to nap on campus are often really small, such as the nap area at the Student Resource Center. There are a lot of tables to use to study and couches to sit comfortably on, but they typically don’t have a space where students are able to sleep peacefully without feeling self-conscious of the faces they might make while asleep. Well it turns out that there’s this thing called the UCD Nap Map!

It’s essentially a map that has all the best napping spots on campus! 

It sucks when your favorite movies are released online but you have no way of watching them (unless you have a Netflix account). Well, there actually is a way to watch them online! And for free! UC Davis has free XFINITY on campus! Television shows, films, and more are available and FREE. UC Davis offers this amazing gift for all students even though the website specifically states that its “UC Davis Student Housing: Xfinity on Campus.” 

As an English major, I loathe the Death Star with a burning passion. The architecture is so unnecessarily complicated. Students do not have time to ask questions when they need to exit the building for class or to wander around the building like a lunatic looking for rooms to begin with. While the Death Star is atrocious in terms of architect design, it hosts one of the coolest things on campus: Davis Nerf Club. The Death Star is the headquarters for the club. The club hosts weekly Nerf games during the evening! Fun! 

While Coffee shops and bakeries on campus are lively and delicious, you’ll find an even better bakery located on the North Side of Central Park. The bakery is called Let Them Eat Cake. The interior design has a feeling of home to it. The bakery itself is literally a house with a lot of sweets! It’s the perfect spot to study!

These gems are great resources to make life at UC Davis even better!