Tips and Tricks on How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Many people, now more than ever, are spending the majority of their time at home. Because of the current circumstances, instead of reporting to work or school each day as one usually would, many are finding themselves needing to complete tasks off of our to-do list without the regulation that comes from being at an office.

Although the expectations for us are the same, the atmosphere that we are set in has been completely turned upside down. Despite the fact that the transition to working from home might not always be easy, these are a few tips to make the change a bit smoother.

1. Set a schedule

Making everyday routines help create a structure to your day. One of the biggest struggles that come from working from home, is that days have seemed to merge when there is no set schedule to follow. Whether it’s starting your day off with a workout, coffee, or getting ready for the day, setting a schedule and waking up to something you look forward to doing is essential in being productive throughout the day.  A big difference between working from home and working at an office or school is that while working from home, you are completely in charge of your schedule. Instead of needing to clock in at a certain time when going to work physically, what you do with the power of an open schedule is in your own hands. Allowing yourself to wake up early creates better self-discipline in order to fulfill everything that you need to get done.

a photo of an open planner Free-Photos | Pixabay

2. Have a designated work space with your favorite ambiance 

Establishing a specific location to work that is free from distractions and clutter is key to succeeding at home. Working from home means that there may be a disarray of things that remind you of household chores which leads to distractions. Steering away from clutter is an essential way to stay productive while working from home. Having a workspace that has everything you need such as your laptop, chargers, a notebook, pen, and headphones allows you to continue working at a nice pace without constantly needing to get up. One of the advantages that come from working from home is being able to create an area that embodies your own style of taste. Incorporating elements such as houseplants, candles, or task lamps allows your chosen space to be uniquely yours. 

3. Create a To-Do List 

Allocating time out of your morning to create a clear list of the goals you are attempting to get done throughout the day allows you to focus on completing them. Outlining a definite list that showcases top priorities for the day allows one to solidify their schedule in order to start on it right away. Not only this, but creating a to-do list helps you see the tasks you are completing head-on and shows you when you are able to check out for the day.

4. Take Breaks

While working in a space you’re completely comfortable in is great, many times, we need a break in order to function to the fullest. Not allocating time for breaks creates an unavoidable burn-out. Rather than using your breaks to scroll through Twitter or watch YouTube videos, attempt to utilize your breaks to get away from your desk. Other forms of breaks can include taking walks outside to strengthen the flow of new ideas, taking snack and lunch breaks, or even utilizing self-care apps that help with stress and anxiety such as Headspace or Sanvello

Art class Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash When it comes to working from home, knowing when you should “clock out” is essential. One should create boundaries in order to not be logged onto working 24 hours each day. It is common to lose sight in when you should stop thinking about work but acknowledging when you need downtime will allow you to have a better home and work balance.