There’s Only One Trend You Need to Follow This Summer

I’m not here to try and sell you the latest bikini fashions or convince you to listen to the newest hot track on the radio. Instead, I’m here to do something much, much harder. I want you to do one of the single most important things that you can do for your health. It’s something that, if you’re like most people, you’re probably not doing nearly enough of. I’m here to convince you to drink more water. Yes, I know you’ve heard it a million times before. Whether it be from your doctor, your mother, whoever─ but now you’re going to hear it from me too, because there’s a reason you’re hearing it so often. Humans are 60% water (that’s 60% jellyfish, gals). It’s my firm belief that if we can consume huge amounts of soft drinks and caffeine on the daily, we should also be able to consume something far more essential to maintaining a healthy life. Here are three more reasons why drinking water needs to become the hottest summer trend of 2019.

1. Water can do miracles for your skin.

Trust me, I love face masks and charcoal strips as much as the next person. There’s something so intensely satisfying about peeling a paper sheet away and having your skin instantly look more moisturized, refreshed, and radiant. However, when I get caught up in trying to extract blackheads and fix uneven coloring, I have to sit back and wonder: why spend so much effort trying to fix a problem after the fact, instead of trying to address the root causes? Water helps to flush out unnecessary waste and toxins from your body. Scientific consensus is divided on the benefits of water on acne reduction, but many celebrities swear by drinking copious amounts of water ─ including Queen Bey, who tries to drink a gallon with lemon every day. Anecdotally, I can also tell you that my own skin appears much clearer and smoother when I’m hydrated. Take that for what you will; but even if drinking water doesn’t provide immediate results, it certainly can’t hurt to try.

2. California is hot, y'all.

As a Marylander (East Coast represent!), I feel personally attacked by summer in California. At my freshman orientation, we were touring Davis in blistering 106°F heat. By the end of everything, I was ready to just collapse onto my bed and melt into a puddle of sweat ─ and that was only two days. Enduring two months of this weather seems impossible. Water will be your best friend if you’re planning on spending the season in the golden state. Whether you’re going to the beach or laying out by the pool, water is a staple of dreamy summer days. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even splurge on one of those portable misting fans that mothers carry at soccer games and tourists tote around Disneyland. Most importantly, water plays a critical role in homeostasis, so be sure to drink plenty of it, especially if you’re going to be outside for long periods of time. 

3. Hydro Flask accessorizing is an art form.

Humans have developed the arts of fashion, painting, sculpture, and cinematography. Even more recently, Californians have developed the art of putting decorative stickers on every surface available to them, especially laptop cases and water bottles. Drinking water gives you a perfect excuse to splurge on a fancy, brightly-colored reusable bottle. They come in every pattern imaginable, and you can get basically anything you want, whether it’s your favorite inspirational quote or a recreation of the night sky. Moreover, you can choose from an endless array of stickers to personalize your creation, and any day that I can use a healthy habit as a justification for spending money is a win in my book.