There Are Ways to Help

Time and time again we have witnessed violence and racism in this country against Black communities; how many more lives will be taken before there is change? You do not have to be Black to feel outrage over the senseless killing of a person. George Floyd was accused of using a false check, when he did not, and because of these accusations he is no longer with us. Now is the time of change, if we come together and stand against racism. 

Heather Mount Heather Mount / Unsplash I have been seeing a lot of influential people use their platforms to actively amplify the movement, and others have disappointed me by keeping silent. Influential people can have a huge impact on their large base of followings. I have seen some artists turn off their comments because they do not want to be called out. However, it does not matter how small your platform is! No matter how small or insignificant you think your contribution is, that is not the case! You can bring awareness to people who follow you, share resources for petitions and donations, and educate those around you.

I know a lot of people who are taking the time to talk with family members who may not agree with what is going on, some of them have been successful, and others have not. But, remember that the opinions of people you know do not have to align with what you believe! Others have called out behaviors that are wrong and do not contribute.  I urge you to think about what you can do, and keep in mind that no effort is small in nature. You can create change one resource at a time. Let us stand in solidarity, because enough is enough.    

Go HERE for a great resource that is a compilation of different ways that you can help support the Black community! There are links to petitions, ways to donate, and numbers to text or call. Also, if you feel that you cannot donate at this time because of financial stress there are free ways to contribute! Look up “STREAM TO DONATE” on YouTube where you will find an hour-long video of ads. Ad revenue will go towards to organizations aiding with bail funds, funeral funds etc. DO NOT SKIP THE ADS!

Black lives matter protest Photo by Nicole Baster from Unsplash Keep sharing on social media, a lot of on the ground information is not being portrayed by news media, social media sites are providing valuable information right now. Do not be silenced, keep sharing new information and stay educated. If you attend protests, stay safe and know your rights! Look up what types of items you should leave at home, and protect your identity! We must come together to fight against injustice ... because if we don’t, then who will?