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Thank Goodness for the Finals Survival Kit

When you’re studying for finals, everything else is meaningless. You don’t care about your family and friends, your health, or your appearance. You probably don’t care about Her Campus’ Finals Survival Kit either. It’s fine. We don’t want to come between you and your grades, but just remember, not everyone has access to free health and beauty products.

Take the women at Litchfield Penitentiary for instance. Do you think it’s easy hiding junk food, hygiene products, cigarettes, and illegal substances in a heavily-guarded facility? Sure, Red and Vee have their ways, but they could really use an Admitsee.com drawstring bag. It’s big enough for our textbooks and comfort food, which means it can probably hold at least a dozen packs of cigarettes and a few toothbrushes. Despite years of experience in the contraband business, Red and Vee will never get their hands on one of these bags unless they know a current college or grad student on the outside. Admitsee is a social media platform that allows students to share their applications and advice with other prospective students. It hasn’t reached the prison system just yet.

Regina George prefers designer handbags to drawstrings, but after unknowingly washing her face with foot cream, she’s dying to use the Proactiv acne-treatment system. It includes a cleanser, toner, and refining mask which are all uniquely formulated to heal acne and erase evidence of past breakouts. She can get Proactiv just about anywhere, but unlike us, she can’t get it for free. Even mean girls love free stuff.  

A runny nose and fever won’t stop Leslie Knope from running the Parks and Recreation department. However, honey and lemon flavored Cold-EEZE could actually motivate her to take better care of herself. She’s from Pawnee after all, and everyone knows Pawneans can’t resist anything sweet. The only problem is, Pawnee’s leading sweet treat manufacturer, Sweetums, is trying to create its own sweet-tasting cold remedy. They don’t like competition, so they’re working tirelessly to ban Cold-EEZE from the entire town.  For the time being, Leslie will have to stick to her usual remedy–waffles and whipped cream.

In case you missed the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead, Maggie’s in a bit of a pickle right now. She barely escaped a herd of hungry walkers, and now she’s stuck on a platform where she’ll surely die of dehydration. It’s too bad she doesn’t have a Sorel canteen. The Canadian company may specialize in footwear, but as a special favor, it also makes canteens that are perfect for getting through exams or a zombie apocalypse.

If you think studying for finals is exhausting, try delivering triplets in the middle of the night. Mindy Lahiri would definitely appreciate a shot or two of peach mango 5-hour Energy. The caffeine, minus the sugar and calories, would keep her awake and focused during those long work hours while the tropical flavor would make her feel like she’s in paradise. Frightened to death by the idea of a vivacious OB/GYN on extra strength 5-hour Energy, Danny Castellano convinced Mindy not to use it.

If we’ve learned anything from our favorite female characters, it’s that we should take advantage of the opportunity to make the last week of school a little more tolerable. If you’re interested in any of these items, check out our Facebook page for updates on special giveaways. 

Megan Taylor Hartenstein is an English major and Women's Studies minor at the University of California, Davis. Give her something to write with, and she'll create a masterpiece. While she loves journalism and writing short stories, her dream is to become a television or film writer. Megan is a proud feminist, and loves to incorporate feminist principles in everything she writes.       
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