The Struggles with Being Sick Away from Home

You’re bound to get sick during at least one of the many quarters away from home. Except this time it might be a little different, because you have to take care of you. Recently I’ve had to go through this difficult process, helping me to gather a list of what I miss being away from home.

First of all, no homemade soup from mom!

That’s right, you gotta either dump a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup or go to a grocery store that serves hot soup you can put in a cup (like Safeway or Wholefoods). Either way, you lose, because nothing compares to being pampered and being served homemade soup from your mom.

Making your own doctor’s appointment

It's always comforting to have your mom/dad/guardian by your side when you go to the doctor. It can be a scary place -- especially when you’re sick and vulnerable.

Having to go out and buy stuff for yourself


Did I mention you’re on your own? Well, you’re on your own unless you have an incredible roommate/best friend who will go for you.  If not (or you got them sick too), you need to go out and purchase goods you may not have, like tissues, orange juice, soup, and medicine.

Having to adult while you’re sick

Lastly, the world keeps going when you’re sick. You’ll still have classes and work to go to. You can’t stay at home and bring in a note from your parents the next day.  You gotta bear through the symptoms with some heavy drugs and hope you can get through the day. 

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