Some Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Attending UC Davis in the fall? First of all, congratulations! Nothing is more exciting than knowing that you will be starting your college journey soon, and at a top-rated university! Though I know that along with that might come the anxiety that is associated with moving to a new place, worrying about not fitting in, and not being certain about your major, fear not! Here is some advice that I learned first-hand from my own college experience here at UC Davis:

1. Attend as many events as you can at the residential halls.

Whether it is trivia night, game night, or workshops that are being offered at your residential hall, leave your shyness behind and attend these events. Not only is it a good opportunity to spend some time out of your room, it is the perfect opportunity to meet people that live in the same building. You just never know who you will meet.

2. Before classes start, take the chance to explore the campus and find out where your classes will be.

This is something that I did personally on the first days of moving into the residential halls and I found it very useful because I knew exactly where to go on the first day classes started. It also makes a fun bike ride in the evening once the day is cooling down from the high temperatures during the day. Just don’t forget a bike light!

3. Everyone will stress this, but I will say it again: Get involved on campus as soon as you can!

Some of the clubs and organizations on campus will change your college experience completely. You will not only be able to meet new people, you will also get the chance to network with upperclassmen. There is so much that you could learn from those who enjoy participating in the same activities or subject(s) that you do.

4. Talk to your professors or TAs if you are having trouble transitioning to college work or readings.

This is very important if you are becoming overwhelmed with your school work. Yes, it does sound intimidating at first but, in order for you to do well in a class, it is only reasonable that your professors also know what is going on in your life. Most professors and TAs will be understanding of your situation and will be there to help you during your transition to college work.

5. Participate in all of the events that are held on campus.

Picnic Day, the Whole Earth Festival, the Buzz, cultural events, and sporting events. Do not even think about staying locked up in your dorm when these events take place on campus! If I had to pick one of the things that I miss the most about living on campus, it is the proximity to all of these events. It is never a dull time at an event on campus. Just don’t forget to bring a smile and an open mind!