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Self-Care Amidst Midterms

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I slump in my chair in my bedroom, attempting to focus on my laptop screen that projects my midterm study guide at me. There’s no way I’m going to remember all of this information. I shut my laptop, close to tears, trying not to freak out about all of my upcoming tests and assignments. 

For many of us, midterms are an extremely stressful time of the quarter. They account for a large chunk of our grades, and many of us have multiple midterms for multiple classes, on top of other extracurricular activities and jobs. This overwhelming to-do list makes it almost impossible for many of us to remember that self care is also an important part of our mental health and well-being amidst all of the stress and chaos already occurring in our lives. Because of this, a lot of the time self-care becomes a task that is often secondary to school, often pushed aside and away from the priority list. However, it is important to note that self-care is an extremely important part of one’s life especially amidst chaos. Self-care allows for us to reflect on our feelings, digest new information, and learn more about meaningful ways to connect with others. It allows us to take care of ourselves, our mental health, and our well-being–all of which are integral aspects oft our lives even after college. With this being said, here are some ways that you can engage in self-care activities to reduce stress.

  1. Going on a walk. When I’m stressed out, sometimes I like to take time for myself and go on a little stroll around the neighborhood to clear my head. Davis has some really pretty residential neighborhoods, especially this time of year when the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the squirrels are out and about. Sometimes, I’m also lucky enough to pet a cat or two during the day time. 
  2. Spending time with friends and family. This can be really helpful to be around loved ones when I need a break from my stressors. Something as simple as a phone call or a check in from my family or grabbing a bite to eat with my friends can be the perfect outlet when I need to take a breather from my school activities. 
  3. Journaling. Whether this is a journal entry that is more freestyling and venting-related, or a more structured approach that involves journaling prompts, journaling provides the perfect opportunity for us to engage with our inner monologue. This practice also provides relief by allowing us to let out any feelings.
  4. Getting 8-10 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, many of us tend to sacrifice sleep at the expense of studying and school. Because of this, we tend to get way less sleep than we should be getting. By getting solid sleep each night, we’re setting ourselves up for success, especially when studying for exams and when engaging in school work that requires concentration.
  5. Engaging in exercise and yoga. By engaging in physical activity, we’re able to channel energy and allow ourselves to let go of any negative thoughts or intentions that were previously held going into the activity.

Overall, it is extremely important that we all continue engaging in self-care especially amidst stressful situations like midterms. Self-care allows us to have some peace and quiet both internally and externally, and only further promotes our underlying desires to take care of ourselves. So the next time you’re stressed out, don’t hesitate to engage in a few self-care tactics. You never know what might just help.

Hi! I'm Joanne, a Design student at the University of California, Davis! In my free time I enjoy indulging in my many hobbies/crafts (painting, jewelry making, decorating), curling up in bed with my stuffed animals and scrolling on my phone, going thrifitng and shopping for clothing, and hanging out with friends.