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Lately, I have been staying on top of my everyday to-dos, which is weird, because I normally tend to start putting things off for school readings or daily upkeep. I started to wake up earlier each day and set an alarm to stick to a routine. I made a personal goal to wake up by 7 AM and make sure to be out of bed before 8:30. I feel that the earlier I wake up the more productive I am throughout the day. This method works best for me because I need a structured day to keep me on top of my to-do list. Balancing my day is essential and everyone has their own method that works, so here is a more in-depth look at how I stay organized and go through my day! 

When I wake up early I tend to make myself a balanced breakfast which kickstarts my motivation to be productive that day. I love to start my morning off every day by either reading a book that currently has my attention or the daily newspaper. And by the daily newspaper, I mean the newest celebrity details that came out because I love to keep up with celebrity gossip. 

If it’s a day where I have my virtual classes then I will be more likely to stay focused in class because I want to make sure that I am learning instead of getting sidetracked. Other days when I don’t have class, I like to catch up or get ahead in my classes by starting homework sooner than I need to. It is starting to form into a good habit which only benefits me, so I am trying really hard to keep it in my routine.

I have found that starting a routine really grounds me to do better and be neater, which is something that I have always struggled with. Throughout the week I find my room starting to get messier with each passing day and by the end of the week, I am so frustrated that I have to clean my room all over again. However, lately, I have made it a point to make my bed once I get out of it so I am unlikely to hop back into bed throughout the day and get lazy. 

To avoid clutter, I have been better at putting things away as soon as I am finished with them so that my nightstand and desk aren’t messy with everything getting lost. I also try to change my scenery or location where I am getting schoolwork or other priorities done so that I do not get too distracted by a repetitive place. I always get distracted by my surroundings so I try to rotate my desk or the living room so that I keep a focus on what needs to get done instead of watching Netflix and binging whatever show has hooked me. 

It was really hard to try and stick with everything because I really get distracted so being repetitive every day has really kept me grounded in becoming more productive. In doing so, my attitude has been more easy-going and less stressful which creates a positive outlook for my days. Everyone has their own work style and what might work for some does not mean it will work for others. I think it is important to take the time to figure out your own personal methods to get the most productivity out of you.

Jolene Fourth-year English and History double major, and pursuing a minor in professional writing at UC Davis.