Panel of Powerful Women Event

What: Panel of Powerful Women

When: Thursday, November 15th

Time: 8:15 – 9:30 PM

Where: 55 Roessler Hall

Who: Open to all!

California Women’s List at UC Davis, a student chapter for a Political Action Committee at UC Davis, is proud to host yet another season of Panel of Powerful Women this coming Thursday. This Fall, CWL will be welcoming speakers from the city council and from our very own campus. Our panelists will be speaking about overcoming the challenge of navigating a male-dominated field as a woman. 

Following a series of successful panels in the previous seasons, California Women’s List, well-known to be bridging the gender gap in California state politics, is hoping to provide opportunities and support for students who are looking to enter the professional and political world as a woman. 

Image source: CWL at UCD Facebook

The first panelist announced for the Fall Panel of Powerful Women is Martha Guerrero, who is a newly elected West Sacramento City councilmember, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and the Legislative Representative for Los Angeles County. Martha’s collaboration with commissioners and City leaders have positively affected our economic development projects, while her strong advocacy in comprehensive public investments resulted in the expansion for the Investing in Early Educators Program, which is geared towards providing stipends for early education providers to secure advanced college degrees. 

Next, we have Gloria Partida, a current councilmember locally in Davis who is also a UC Davis alumnus. Gloria is a strong believer that every voice raised in concern truly makes a difference. Back when she was an active member of Mothers of East L.A., a social-justice group dedicated to efforts on environmental justice advocacy and preventing gang violence, she’s often found herself marching in community protests with her children in strollers. She’s since been able to advocate for mainstream education for her youngest son with cerebral palsy. Additionally, Gloria co-founded the Davis Phoenix Coalition as well as being named the A.G. Brinley Plaque winner in 2016.

The final panelist this season is Adrienne Hosek, an assistant professor of political science at UC Davis. She recently investigated how individuals who benefited from the Affordable Care Act became favorable of the law and more supportive of Democratic candidates in elections. Currently, she’s considering how regional variation in occupation and industry relate to Congressional support for trade and immigration policy, as well as the extent to which the same set of core values predict voter support for Trump in the United States and Brexit in the United Kingdom.

The California Women’s List organization has been an incredible resource for women who are expanding their efforts of running for office. Through this event, you will gain actionable insights to the political world, professional advice, and a chance to network with some of the most powerful women in California. 

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Note: There is a suggested donation fee of $5 for this panel, though no one will be excluded from attending. All proceeds go to the statewide CWL political action committee.

Image source: CWL at UCD Facebook