The Pampering Routines You NEED

As the quarter comes to an end and the deeply dreadful finals approach us, our self-care practices are almost always forgotten. I try my best to maintain a healthy pampering routine, but I admittedly neglect myself when my busy college schedule has no wiggle room and sleep deprivation takes over. If at all possible, try to at least dedicate one day per week to pamper yourself to the degree that a Beverly-Hills-botoxed-mom would! Here are a few of my pampering go-tos to de-stress and show myself a little TLC:

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1. Make your bed

I know, I know ─ this sounds more tedious than relaxing, but you need to do this every day. I know adulting and chores are that last thing we want when trying to de-stress, but this is my Holy Grail. The key to this is that you must do it as soon as you wake up. Not only will it help you to quickly wake up, but it will also start your day off on a productive note. It makes your whole room look 100 times cleaner and somehow gives off a vibe that you totally have your life together ─ HA, what a joke.

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2. Explore aromatherapy

Whether you are trying to wake up, fall asleep, study, or merely bask in the glory of a delicious smelling room, you need to try this one. My favorite aromatherapy routine is burning peppermint incense in the morning, lighting citrus candles, and diffusing chamomile essential oils before bed. If you are feeling particularly pouty or upset, I recommend you use anything that has jasmine or lavender in it. They both have calming properties that control emotional stress and have uplifting capabilities that act as herbal anti-depressants. When Aunt Flo comes to visit, I cling to both of these scents ─ not for my sake, but for the sake of those around me.

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3. Get into your tub

I am a very clean person, so initially I was repulsed by the idea of sitting in a hot, festering bowl of my own filth. The only way I can take a bath is by showering immediately before laying down in the tub. I have tried baths with Epsom salts to aid sore muscles, essential oils for a lavish ambiance, and the stereotypical baby-pink-bubble-baths that you see in movies ─ all of which are amazing. If you want to step even further into the pamper zone, lather on a face mask, place some cold cucumber slices on your eyelids, and do absolutely nothing.

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4. Start drinking tea

This one is also relatively new for me and I cannot believe I managed to survive the first two years of college without it. I am a very picky person and was scared to try anything new, so I clearly remember the first time I ever tried tea. The barista recommended hot peppermint tea for me because it was apparently a “safe bet” and I ended up falling head over heels in love with the stuff. Here I am six months later with a full-blown tea obsession. There are hundreds of different kinds of tea, many of which are mega good for you. Whether you are trying to wake up, go to bed, stay healthy, or simply have a refreshing drink, have yourself a cup of tea.

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5. Sleep

This one is by far the hardest for me. I used to shamelessly deny myself sleep all week, but I am slowly trying to change this. If I could give one small tip that tremendously helped me create a more structured sleep schedule it would be to put your damn phone away. For reals, put that thing away. Throw it on the charger and keep it face down. No matter how much you want to use it, do not let it get in the way of having a healthy mind and body. It took me months to develop the self-control needed to resist responding to a late-night text or snapchat when I should have been getting the zzz’s I needed.

SO YEAH, DO ALL OF THESE. You know what’s better than living a stressful life? Living a stressful life full of pampering!!