A Night Routine for a Productive New Day

College life is stressful. Sometimes when I feel stressed out and exhausted, I just can’t go to sleep. I hate not being able to focus or relax. Recently, I watched a couple of videos about how to get ready for the next day. The methods helped me create a super helpful night routine that allows me to feel calm and restful. Here’s what I have realized helps me.

1. A little exercise improves sleep

I know that some people like to exercise in the morning, but I am not a morning person. Usually I go to the gym around 7:30 PM, then I work out for an hour. After the intense workout, I need some time to cool down, so I take a walk in the yard for about 20 minutes before going home.

2. Time for a hot bath or shower

After the workout, my body is usually super tired. I like to have a nice, hot bath. This is a time for your body and mind to relax. So, light your favorite scented candle and use your bath salts or a bath bomb to get more relaxed. If you don’t have time for a bath, a hot shower will work well, too.

3. A cup of tea to help you fall asleep

After the bath you might be thirsty, so go to the kitchen and make yourself a caffeine-free tea. My favorites are chamomile and lavender tea- they're just so refreshing! The tea will warm your body and stomach, which helps make you feel safe and sleepy.

4. Relax!

After the previous steps, I climb on my bed, turn on some relaxing music, then get my diary out. Writing in a diary is a good way to get all your stress out. It’s also a good way to keep track of what you did and felt in a particular day. It can make you feel more mindful and less stressed when you go to sleep.

After all these steps, your mind will be free and your body will be exhausted, so it’s time for sleep. Just turn off the light, find a comfortable position for sleep, and shut down your brain for a while. Be aware of how comfortable your bed is, and have a nice rest.