New Year's Resolutions: Revisited

I know, I know — it’s October. It’s too early for end-of-the-year reflection, and way past the point where most people are taking action to accomplish their resolutions. However, this year I taped a list of my resolutions to the inside cover of my everyday planner, so I am frequently reminded of the goals that I have set for myself. Here are a few of my resolutions, and my progress (or lack thereof) so far in accomplishing them!

1. Manage my finances.

As I venture into my second year of college, as well as the uncharted territory commonly referred to as my twenties, I want to be in control of my finances by organizing my spending and by hopefully earning money. With the help of my father, I was able to develop a method to log my monthly spending. I also applied for a credit card so that I could start to build credit. I was lucky enough to receive a promotion from my internship to a paid position so I am earning money regularly.

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2. Take more pictures with friends.

While I lived in the dorms as a freshman I found that displaying framed pictures of my friends and family instantly made me feel more at home. As I ventured through my camera roll for more pictures to print, I found that I was unsatisfied in the number of photos of my friends. I had quite a few pictures of them in stupid or funny situations, but not many of them smiling genuinely. So far in 2018, I have not made as much of an improvement with this resolution as I would like, but I definitely have more pictures with my friends than I used to.

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3. Keep up with the news.

I found myself woefully behind when it came to current events in 2017, which inspired me to make an effort to receive news in some form. I was lucky enough to discover a podcast called The Daily that the New York Times produces every morning, Monday-Friday. Each episode is about twenty-five minutes long, give or take, and gives really good information about important current events. I listen to The Daily when I put on my makeup in the morning, and it has become my favorite part of my morning routine.

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4. Stop justifying ugliness.

This resolution is double-sided because it applies to both my behavior and the behavior of others. I want to break the habit that I have of defending someone who has hurt my feelings. Rather than convincing myself that someone did not mean it in that way or that I’m being irrational through my emotions, I need to accept and articulate my emotions. I can also act in ways that are hurtful to others, and rather than trying to justify this behavior to myself and others I need to apologize to those that I’ve unintentionally hurt. This is one of my more difficult resolutions since changing a mentality takes much longer than changing a habit, so I still catch myself falling into this pattern.

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5. Focus on the positives

I love venting to one of my best friends from home — we laugh and I whine about stupid things that have happened. What I appreciate most about these conversations is that at the end of my series of complaints, she always finds a way to make the situation seem positive. I admire her cheerfulness and her optimism every time we talk, and she has been helping me to change my mindset.

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While I enjoy New Years’ resolutions as a tool for bettering myself, there is no designated time for a re-invention of self or a “fresh start.” A fresh start can be anything from a new calendar year, to a birthday, to a Monday morning. As long as there is the intention and the urge to better oneself, there are reasons to be proud! This year has hosted incredible changes in my life that have forced me to mature quickly. Although there were moments where I struggled to catch my breath, I am glad I experienced what 2018 was determined to deliver: growth.