My 5 Favorite GE Classes at UC Davis

It’s now my 3rd year at Davis and as each quarter passes I have less and less opportunities to take fun classes at Davis. Sadly, I haven’t taken the coffee making class or the tractor driving class. However, I was able to take some classes as GEs and for fun which I really enjoyed.  Here is a list of some of my favorite classes which I highly recommend to you if you have some room in your schedule!

1. PSC 001: General Psychology

4 units, GE Credit: SS

I took this class with Professor Thompson who is an absolute gem. Due to his genuine passion of the subject and his caring nature for all 500 students in the class, the course was enjoyable. He provides a precise introduction to psychology, as well as real life skills and values. 

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2. NPB 010: Elementary Human Physiology

3 units, GE Credit: SE

Take note: I came into this class already interested in physiology, so I was excited to take it. The lecture is long at an hour and half, but I took the class with Professor Bautista, who kept my focus the whole time. He would lecture to us while writing on an overhead projector which made it so easy to follow along. He also posted all those notes online and had podcasts of each lecture as well. The class is designed for non-science majors so if you need that SE credit I would recommend, because the material is interesting and straightforward.

3. EDU 081: Learning in Science and Math

2 units, GE credit: SS, VL, WE

When I took this class I had no idea what I was in store for, and I was pleasantly surprised. The class focuses on how students from K-6 grade learn in science and mathematics classrooms. I always looked forward going to this class (which was once per week for 2 hours) because it was a break from all my other heavy science classes and a fun, friendly environment. The class additionally requires you to intern at an elementary school! The faculty collects your preferences from you for what type of transportation you have and your availability throughout the week and assigns you a teacher and school. I would bus to the school and help the teacher with their students during their mathematics and science time. It was an enjoyable experience to work with eager children.

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4. PHE 001: Self-Defense for Women

.5 Units, GE Credit: none

I highly recommend this class for all women. The instructor, Andrea Khoo, is an amazing person who teaches different self-defense techniques which can be applied in various situations.  The class is great for working out and as well as learning what to do and how to defend yourself if ever put in a dangerous situation. The final was really something; we had to fight/defend ourselves against a man who was trying to attack us. It may seem scary at first hearing that, but every person in the class, through the support of one another and the constant practice, was able to pass this final.

5. RST 001H: Sex, Marriage, and Divorce in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

4 Units, GE Credit: AH, OL, WC, WE

Yes, you read that correctly: this class is about sex, marriage, and divorce through three different religions. Professor Syed intrigues all the students through his lectures. The material is genuinely interesting and focuses on how these different aspects were regulated in each religion, and as well as how they were modified and interpreted by society. After each lecture I would always have the urge to tell a friend about what I just learned.

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