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Black And Anxious Hero
Black And Anxious Hero
Rebecca Hoskins / Her Campus Media
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One thing that has fundamentally altered the course of my life for the better has been my mindset. You have probably heard the claim that our minds govern our bodies. What does this mean though? Maintaining the health of your body depends on taking control of your mind. A cheerful outlook makes it easier to handle life’s daily responsibilities. It improves your outlook on life and makes it simpler to resist anxiety and pessimism.

Having a positive mindset helps so many people but not many people realize it. Our mentality may determine whether we have a healthy or a debilitating existence. Knowing full well that your mentality has the power to either make or break you, it’s crucial to remember that positive or negative thinking in this situation could transfer into either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. We should be aware that failing to adopt a development mentality might have disastrous consequences; nevertheless, if we do so, it will lead to a healthy way of life.

Here are things that helped me to build a stronger, more growth mindset and thus be more happier and content with my life.

Surrounding yourself with good energy

Negative thoughts, words, and attitudes bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions. When the mind is negative, poisons are released into the blood, which causes more unhappiness and more negativity. I try to be very self-aware of my actions and thoughts as well as the people that I surround myself with. When you surround yourself with positive influences, you feel good.

Started working our seriously

For me having a healthy mind and body are equally as important, and I prioritize both in my life. Working out consistently and making it a part of my daily routine has helped me to feel much more balanced and to create a healthier relationship with my body and self-image.  When I get stressed or overwhelmed, I go to the gym. It helps me to feel calm. It’s like free therapy for me. Overall I feel so much happier, stronger, and healthier.

Focusing on your personal journey

We compare ourselves to others in almost every area of our life. And social media has only accelerated the feeling that you are behind your peers. We live with unrealistic expectations which only put us in a bad mindset. It sets you up for anxiety and makes you feel overwhelmed. Instead, start focusing on your journey. Start doing what interests you. Try new stuff. Learn a new skill. Try a new career. Start a business if you want to. Let it fail. Start another one.

Practicing gratitude

We take so much for granted in life. Learning to enjoy the little things in our daily life will help us become more grateful and happier in life. You’ll always feel inadequate if you lack an appreciation for life. Consider the distinction between being energetic and cheerful and being stuck and perpetually desiring. It doesn’t mean you have to be grateful for every moment because life isn’t always pleasant, but when you can be grateful for the little things, the large (bad) things won’t seem as horrible because you’ll be aware of all the good around you.

Reading positive thinking/mindset & self-growth books

You’re motivated to make wiser decisions and engage in constructive behavior more frequently. Many books on personal development encourage you to consider the decisions you make and the reasons behind them. It helps to optimize your personal relationship with yourself. These books provide a regular prompt to go deep within and indulge in a little introspection. I find reading very therapeutic so it helps me to have some time to myself while also working on being a better being.

Romanticizing your life

Romanticizing your life allows you to embrace changes, learn new things, and help you grow into yourself. Romanticizing your life means taking the time to appreciate your day-to-day life, no matter how mundane some parts might be. It entails realizing how crucial and priceless even seemingly insignificant aspects of your life are to your pleasure. Any activity may be made into a meditation exercise if you romanticize your life. Biking to your class, drinking your coffee, exercising, studying, listening to music, hanging out with your friends, etc. You turn these acts into a form of self-care.

Positive attitudes can transform your entire life and lead to happiness and success. Your entire life will become more upbeat if you choose to see the positive side of things. According to medical research, optimists are said to be healthier and live longer than pessimists. The immune system, cardiovascular system, and body’s capacity to handle stress are all strengthened by positive outlooks on life. Positivity makes it easier for you to handle trying circumstances, which lessens the negative effects stress has on your body’s health.

Ritu is second-year Cognitive Science major at UCD. She enjoys working out, cooking, fashion and spending time with friends . Ritu is an advocate for self-love, mental health and spreading positivity & kindness. She is excited to be a part of the Her Campus team and hopes you enjoy reading her articles!