Midterms Season as Told by Drake

Drake makes any subject relatable, including midterms season. Not only is "Hotline Bling," inspiring some of the best Vines in recent online history, but it also makes a great soundtrack for scrolling through this post.

Coffee becomes an essential part of your three square meals a day, and sleep becomes a luxury.

There comes a point where you can’t even enjoy your coffee because you know it means that you are about to spend the next five hours working. Bonus: you sporadically question why you chose your major.

You are always in a rush. Your free time consists of biking or power walking from the library to class, to coffee, back to the library, and then to section.

Time management looks a lot like skipping class to write a paper for another class.

You have no time to invest in your appearance. Messy buns and leggings are your wardrobe’s bread and butter this week.

After cramming for five hours in the library, your eyes can’t handle the cruel brightness of the outside world.

You frequently use the fact that you’re too tired, or too busy to cook as a means to justify ordering a large pizza twice a week.

Your social life is non-existent because sharing those pizzas, or your free time is not an option.

When your parents call to check in, you spend ten minutes trying to convince them that you are “doing great” and that “you have only cried once this week”

Eventually the boredom, stress, procrastination, and lack of sleep add up, and you start acting really weird...

which often leads to your activity on Snapchat dramatically increasing.

Sometimes you just need a ten minute dance break to get through the last two pages of that paper

But sometimes you hit that inevitable wall that makes you question why you're even trying.

When that happens, you have to remember to do whatever it takes….

I know I can make it through.

All the pain and suffering will be worth it when you hand in your last midterm

When you do, the exhaustion (temporarily) vanishes, and you’ll be ready to turn up.