Midterm Tips from a Senior

As a fourth year, and one who is finishing their major classes this quarter, this particular midterm season is going to be a busy one. I am taking 19 units, including the upper division credit I receive for my 12- hour per week internship, in addition to my on-campus involvement and social life. As a senior, I have tried to master some techniques to maintain sanity during this time of the quarter – especially in the fall, when midterms often occur in the same week as Halloween festivities. Here are some of my favorite ways to remain organized, sane, and grounded during hell week. 

(Color) Code it

In the past couple of years, Google Calendar has saved my life. I have the app on my phone and bookmarked on my laptop so I can receive notifications no matter where I am or what I am doing. I organize my weeks and input my class schedule, meetings, deadlines, and plans with friends. I can set reminders and appointments which are super helpful for planning events with other people. And as an extra bonus, you can personalize and color code everything! If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend using Google Calendar. 

Get fit, not actually, but sort of

I have never been a big gym girl. I’ve tried. There’s something about being inside that has never sat well with me. But when you’re stressed (and just in general), physical activity does wonders for your body and your brain. Recently, I have been motivating myself to work out by designating exercise as my “rest time”. I allow myself to take a break and watch an episode of a show while walking uphill on the treadmill or listening to a podcast while stretching. It's a nice break and the best of both worlds. 

Switch it up

I love studying at Starbucks downtown and California Hall on campus - I’m a big fan of windows and natural lighting. Pick a place you can focus, but somewhere that also makes you feel motivated. And if that place happens to have coffee, well, that’s a win-win. 

Paper, paper

As much as I love Google Calendar, I also love having a physical planner. My current one is from Bando, and it gives me a space to write to-do lists and check things off (which is very satisfying). One of my favorite things to do is write in a “highlight” of each day in my planner - it's a great way to look back on the week and isn’t as time consuming as actual journaling. It's a great way to stay positive and motivated! 

Well fed, baby

Snacking will save you during midterms! Head over to the grocery store and pick up some of your favorite treats that you can eat while on the go. I love the snack-sized hummus and cracker snacks from Trader Joe’s.

Rest up

Something I have learned through trial and error is that everything will pass. A test is just a test. Prepare but also rest. Take time to maintain your mental wellbeing- take a hot shower and get a full night of sleep. You’ve got this!