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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been really, really into musicals. My obsession started as a young lass, watching Disney movies and singing along to Ariel or Jasmine. Ever since then, I’ve had a tendency to gravitate toward both live productions and movie musicals (movies are much less expensive, though). If you haven’t seen any of these musicals, do yourself a favor and go watch them now. Still not convinced? Just listen to their soundtracks — you’ll be hooked. 

1. Moulin Rouge

My favorite musical of all time is Moulin Rouge. I always show this film to my close friends and family — much to their initial dismay — but, by the end, they’re just as obsessed as I am (well, not quite, but almost). Here are my favorite songs from the soundtrack that have been on repeat since I was 14 years old. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

  • Your Song
  • Elephant Love Medley
  • Like A Virgin
  • Come What May

2. Hamilton

I’m sure you’ve all already listened to the Hamilton soundtrack a million times, but just in case you haven’t… what are you waiting for? This musical mixes history with hip-hop, which, together, is basically the coolest thing ever. I haven’t seen the play myself (thank you, New York), but it’s fun to listen to the songs and imagine the musical through your own eyes.

  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Aaron Burr, Sir
  • My Shot
  • You'll Be Back
  • Your Obedient Servant
  • Satisfied
  • Wait For It
  • Cabinet Battles 1 & 2
  • The Room Where It Happens
  • Washington On Your Side

3. Annie

I’m referring to the 2014 version, but of course I enjoy the classic versions as well. This movie has received a ton of negative reviews, but I don’t see why. Focusing on the soundtrack, Annie is so good. The songs have been rearranged in a more hip-hoppy/pop style, and the voices of the actors are just so smooth and lovely.

  • Maybe
  • Tomorrow
  • Opportunity
  • The City's Yours

4. Into the Woods

This movie was so good I literally think I saw it in theater three times (with different people). I loved the plot and the actors and the songs and the style and basically everything. There was just something different about this film, and I enjoyed every aspect of it.

  • I Know Things Now
  • Giants in the Sky
  • Agony
  • On the Steps of the Palace
  • Your Fault
  • No One Is Alone

5. High School Musical

I couldn’t write this list and not include High School Musical. People make so much fun of it, but I genuinely enjoy a good chunk of songs across all three movies. The plot/acting may not be the best, but the songs are incredibly catchy — I still like to pop and lock and jam and break every once in a while to them. They’re elementary/middle school classics. (It’s alarming how many songs I’m including in this list).

  • Get'cha Head in the Game
  • Stick to the Status Quo
  • Bop to the Top
  • Breaking Free
  • Fabulous
  • Gotta Go My Own Way
  • Bet On It
  • Everyday
  • Can I Have This Dance 

You're welcome in advance.

Nikki is a fourth year UC Davis student double majoring in English and Communication, and minoring in Professional Writing. Her passions include: puppies, Harry Styles, and Coke ICEEs. She thoroughly enjoys proofreading and hopes to somehow make a career out of it.
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