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Let’s Keep the Beauty That Is All Around Us

The Earth that we call home is truly a beautiful place. There are so many places to explore that can leave you breathless. As humans, we are so blessed by the nature that surrounds us every day. In order for this beauty to remain and continue to bless the generations to come, we must protect it at all costs. Treat it with respect and love. 

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There are too many times that the Earth is treated like a dumping ground. It's treated like a place to leave trash and filth at one’s leisure without a second thought, and that is not okay! Climate Change and Global Warming is real, whether someone chooses to believe it or not. Everyday it is slowly shortening the life span of this Earth and the marvelous natural beauty it provides. If we as humans want to see our Earth continue to thrive then we need to start making changes to how we act and treat it. These changes don’t need to be huge! Honestly anything, even if it is the simplest little thing, will play a role in keeping the Earth a beautiful place for all who inhabit it. 

While I do not necessarily consider myself to be an “environmental activist” there are some small changes I have incorporated into my life and will continue to incorporate into my life as a way to do my part. One thing I do, and quite frankly should have done sooner, was invest in a reusable water bottle. When I transferred to UCD, that glass bottle never left its pocket in my backpack. I probably refill it at least four to five times a day, so yes I kept myself well hydrated without unneccessarily wasting plastic bottles. 

[bf_image id="q7k346-1bnn48-dl7vpp"] Another thing I have been doing for quite a while now, which is both a good life hack and environmentally conscious act, is to “water” my houseplants with any extra coffee left over in my coffee pot. My mom taught me about this when I was actually pretty young. Plants, just like us, enjoy a caffeine boost every once in a while. Giving any plants you have some coffee to quench their thirst allows you to get double use out of that pot you put on when you first woke up. Instead of getting more water out of your sink to water the plants, you are just using whatever you have left over to fulfill their needs, cool right?

Keeping the Earth beautiful really does not take much, especially if everyone does at least one thing each day to help protect and preserve it. When you go for a picnic, throw your trash away, recycle when you can and just keep nature clean, there is too much beauty around us to leave it to be destroyed. 

Ashley is a senior at the University of California, Davis. She is studying Communication and getting her minor in English with the hopes of one day having a successful career in one of the two fields. Ashley enjoys spending time with her family and exercising in her free time.
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